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Clinical tests have shown that Pilfood increases the numbers of hairs in the growth phase of your hair and therefore prolongs their life-cycle. Pil-Food is an internal treatment for hair problems which acts at the hair root.... Read more

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About Pilfood Hair Supplement

Pilfood Hair Supplement

Clinical tests have shown that Pilfood increases the numbers of hairs in the growth phase of your hair and therefore prolongs their life-cycle.

Pil-food is ideal for:

  • Dull, lifeless hair
  • Strengthening of thinning hair
  • Most type of alopecia
  • Regrowth of strong hair after sudden hair loss
  • Supportive treatment for male pattern baldness
  • Brittle hair and nails

To keep hair in a healthy condition, looking and feeling good, hair must be looked after through regular washing, conditioning and other external treatments.

However, what about internally? To guarantee strong healthy growing hair, then it must be fed from the inside. An appropriate therapy must reach the hair root as all types of alopecia originate from the root.


What Is PilFood?

Pil-Food is an internal treatment for hair problems which acts at the hair root. The key to Pil-Food’s effectiveness is the quantity and balance of its active ingredients:

1. Sulphurated amino acids
DL-Methionine and L-Cystine are the essential sulphurated amino acids which act as the building blocks for the formation of keratin (the basic structure of hair) and promote hair growth. Enzyme – Hydrolysed Lactabumin also provides amino acids for the production of keratin fibres, for elasticity and strength.

2. Vitamins
The B complex vitamins contribute to healthy skin and hair. B6 plays an important role in the absorption of sulphurated amino acids. Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant concerned both directly and indirectly in hair growth.

3. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
Millet extract in Pil-Food contains polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps to nourish and regenerate the scalp.

4. Trace elements
A lack of certain trace elements can lead to skin disorders as well as growth problems. Pil-Food Millet extract contains minerals of natural origin such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese and iodine.

Pil-Food ensures that large quantities of these substances are available to the body.


Pil-Food is ideal for those suffering from dull, lifeless and thinning hair. In addition it is suitable for many types of alopecia as Pil-Food helps the regrowth of strong healthy hair. Pil-Food can also be a supportive treatment for conditions such as male pattern baldness by helping to slow the process down – and strengthening remaining hair.


What To Expect

For optimal results you should continue to take PilFood as a course of treatment for at least 3 months, since keratin synthesis takes place over a long period.

Initial results can be visible after 4 to 6 weeks and the effects continue after the treatment has stopped.

Clinical results have shown that treatment with Pil food significantly increases hair growth and decreases hair loss after just 3 months.


Woman Magazine Case Study...

woman magazine pilfoodBernadette Wilson, 39, ran into problems with her hair after having a fibroid operation two years ago.

"I had 3 months off work after the operation", she says. "But I'd been affected by hormones prescribed before the operation to reduce the size of the fibroids."

before pilfoodBernadette, who lives in Leeds with her 12 year old daughter, add, "I hadn't realised the hormones could cause other problems but then I found out I'd had, effectively, a mini-menopause and this had affected my hair. The texture in the middle of the crown became very thin and wispy and the hair at the back of my head don the left side was weak and would break off. It was embarrassing so I had it all cut short."

Bernadette exercised regularly and added zinc, iron and kelp tablets to her already healthy diet but her hair didn't improve much.after pilfood

"Then a health store owner recommended a natural remedy called Pilfood. It was expensive but he said it worked wonder so I gave it a try."

By the end of the second month of taking Pilfood, Bernadette's hair was starting to improve.

"Also my nails, which have always been weak, have got much stronger. I'm still taking the pills and eating well."

Woman Magazine's resident doctor said, "Pil-food is a long-established Swiss natural remedy. It's rich in special amino acids, building blocks for the keratin that makes up the structure of hair. It's got vitamins B and E, iron, zinc, iodine and copper, plus millet seed extract which helps feed and regenerate the scalp tissues."


Other Magazine Reviews...

beauty mag pilfood reviewBeauty Magazine recommended Pil-Food for thinning hair. They said, "Hair does thin naturally with age - a supplement can help provide nutrtients for healthy hair growth. Try Pil-Food, it really works!"


celebs magazine review on pilfoodIn an article on growing your hair longer Celebs on Sunday magazine said, "Eat a balanced diet, B vitamins, magnesium, sulphur and zinc are all important for healthy hair. Pil-food hair supplement has of of these plus amino acids to help grow hair thicker."


dr mark atkinson and now magazine pilfood reviewDr Mark Atikins, NOW Magazine's resident health expert took a question from a lady who asked, "Since chaning my contraceptive pill my hair has started to fall out a lot. I also started a new job. My hairdresser said that my saclp had become flaky and wondered if stress was the cause. Could they be connected?"

Dr Mark Atkinson replied, "Probably. Stressful thoughts create stress chemicals which can lead to acidic blood with low oxygen levels, mineral depletion and hormone disruptions....take the supplement Pilfood, a combination of fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins designed to stimulate the body's own production of keratin in the hair follicle, leading to new hair growth..."


PilFood Ingredients

DL-Methionine, capsule shell (Gelatin, colours: Titanium Dioxide, Red Ponceau, Ferric Oxide), L-Cystine, Enzyme-Hydrolused Lactalbumin, Pantothenic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Millet extract 4%, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vanillin flavouring, Riboflavin, Biotin.

Take 1 tablet 3 times a day. 1 Box contains 100 tablets - enough for 1 month supply


PilFood Nutritional Information

Average per capsule: Vitamin E 2mg (20% RDA), Riboflavin 0.8mg (50% RDA), Vitamin B6 10mg (500% RDA), Biotin 0.2mg (133% RDA), Pantothenic Acid 23mg (383% RDA), DL-Methionine 200mg, L-Cystine 105mg.


DL-Methionine, Capsule Shell (gelatin, colours: titanium dioxide, Ponceau 4R, ferric oxide), L-Cystine, Enzyme-hydrolysed Lactalbumin, Pantothenic Acid (as Calcium Pantothenate), Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Millet Extract 4%, Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Vitamin E (as dl-a-tocopheryl acetate), Flavouring Vanillin, Riboflavin (as Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate), Biotin.

Adults and children over 10 years: One tablet 3 times a day. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Swallow capsules with water during or after meals.

Pregnant and Nursing mothers should alsways seek medical advice prior to taking any food supplements.

Customer Reviews

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Pill food capsules
* * * * -

I have now got new fine hair coming where I was going bold before. Will carry on taking them as they seem to work.

Going to buy today
* * * * *

I can't score as iv'e not tried yet.

I've just heard about Pil Food it sounds amazing I really hope it works for me, I have naturally thin hair more so on the crown, my Mother had it and now my daughter has it she is also starting to take it, we will let you know our results fingers crossed.

* * * * *

i was recommended to use Pilfood by a friend & although i thought it was too costly i was desperate, so i gave it a try....that was over a year ago & i have never regretted buying it. i developed male pattern baldness during the menopause (still called that even if you're female!) i was losing a lot of hair generally but in particular the front fringe area, back to my crown. everytime i looked in the mirror i just got more depressed. it took about 10 weeks for me to see the 1st signs of improvement & at 6 months i felt my hair was near normal. I am very over weight (17 stone Yikes!) & i am on a lot of medications so i adjusted the dose after advice from my GP & have increased the dose to 4 a day. now i have a full head of hair & very strong nails. i no longer think of Pilfood as 'costly' but part of my monthly food shop budget plus its way cheaper than most other similar products!
i also buy online for two of my friends who dont have the internet & one is a man who's hair was so thin that you could see straight through to his scalp but not anymore.... he has thicker, stronger hair & more of it, he's amazed & is now buying Pilfood for members of his family back in poland!
you have to remember that this is a FOOD for the hair & scalp & as such you can't stop taking it without a recurrance (depending on cause) most people can go to a maintainance dose after they achieve satisfactory results but do remember to factor in Health, Meds & weight, because they affect everything including how the body is able to make the most of the food it is given. Finally, i have put 5 people onto this product now & ALL of them have had good results. worry not, it can't hurt you & it does work :-)

PIL food works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* * * * *

I would just like to say this product works!! i live with a hairdresser who actually laughed at the fact i was taking a supplement to help with hair growth and condition....her words were its a pile of rubbish...she ate her words when she went to highlight my hair...i had a huge re growth in only 6 weeks and you can see the new hair growing through as its like baby hair on the top so i sometimes pop a little serum to flatten it a bit. Also my nails are always amazing and rarely break! this product is very good and would recommend anyone to give it a try. I would say if you stick to the dosage you would def start noticing after a few weeks of use.

Wonderful product
* * * * *

Unlike the previous reviewer I have used Pilfood for around 5 months and see great results. I guess it depends on the individual. I live in Dubai and buy this from Peak Nutrition everytime I come to the UK and them take it back with me as I can't get it over there. I recommend this product without a doubt for thinning hair. I'm not sure if it will work if you have more severe hair loss though?

Pil Food Review
* * - - -

I have hereditary thin hair at the sides. I took Pil Food for 6 months and it had no effect on my hair. I didn't expect hair to grow back where I had hair loss, but I expected what hair I did have to grow (or become thicker) - but it never happened. I note that on the packaging, Pil Food states that it is scientifically tested. Be aware that there is a huge difference between scientifically tested and scientifically proven, with 'proven' obviously being preferential. I have since stopped taking Pil Food.
Peak Nutrition Reply:
We are sorry you are not happy with Pilfood but as with ANY hair loss regimen it is imperative to continue to take the product for longer than 6 months. 6 months is the very least you can expect anything to start working to be honest. You really need to give things 9 to 12 months at the very least. I would strongly suggest you either continue with Pilfood or try something else such as Nourkrin instead. If you want to call 0800 612 6394 to discuss someone will be happy to do so. Kind regards

pill food review
* * * * -

noticed a significant improvement,however do need to continue as effects tend to reverse when stopped ,but i would certainly say good value for money,as i am a vegetarian and have a very poor protein and iron intake ,which does have a significant impact on hair loss when depleted in this supplement does help if taken as part of daily routine.Am just about to start taking it again after a 2/12 break

I have just started using this...
* * * * *

I have just started using this product for the past 3 weeks and will report back, once i have given the product the recommended chance to take effect. Sounds promising !

I had use pil-food supplement ...
* * * * *

I had use pil-food supplement many times and yes it has an amazing effect which last in my case for a long period (i need to use it from time to time cause i suffer from genetic hair loss) and it was one if not the only hair supplement that can really give healthy strong hair in a very acceptable period of time and in place where i come from (Dubai) dermatologist use to prescribe it in their clinics, and they call it the pre-wedding supplement ;-) in which now aday most of girls use it before their wedding to secure healthy hair look will they are in the most stressful period in life
I really advise any one to try it

I used it for about 4-5 month....
* * * * *

I used it for about 4-5 month.the hair loss stoped after about a month. the benifits were so clear. it just that hair loss returned after I stopped using it.
I really recomend it..

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Question: how should i purchase this? i am from malaysia.
Our Answer:

Hello, simply place your order online - we ship worldwide and shipping charges will be calculated for you during checkout. Many thanks

Question: How can i pay for my order
Our Answer:

Hello, you may pay by credit / debit card, by PayPal or by cheque or postal order. Many thanks

Question: 1- How many capsules in the box for the $27.46

2- Can you send me regularly 3 boxes every three months with free shipping and what will the price be
Our Answer:

Hello, each box contains 100 tablets, enough for a month.

We do not auto re-ship or auto-charge, ever - however, during checkout you can opt in to receive a reminder email to place a new order on a regular basis, which will have a quick link through to buy.

As you are quoting US $ pricing, I assume that you are in the US - unfortunately we do not offer free shipping outside the UK.

Question: can i order 3 boxes of pilfood capsules and get free delivery
Our Answer:

Hello, yes, within the UK all orders over £50 are sent free of charge. Many thanks

Question: When using the amboules i have 2 questions:
1. How long would i need to have the liquid (dry out) on my hair before i could shower it off?
2. Do i have to use the entire amboule for a dosage? Because my hair are short and the liquid in an amboule is a lot.
Our Answer:

Hello, Pilfood Hair Supplement is an oral supplement - the tablets should be taken with food three times a day. The supplement is not applied to the head. Many thanks

Question: I can't see how many capsules are in the packs you are selling for £18.31 - please advise
Our Answer:

Hello, 1 box contains 100 tablets - enough for 1 month supply. A single month's supply is £19.99, which drops to £18.31 when you buy 3 or more boxes. Many thanks

Question: I take Lozartan 12.5 mg sinthroid 0,125 mg simvastatine 20mg Can I take pilfood??
Our Answer:

Hello, whilst Pilfood is normally well-tolerated with medication, we cannot offer specific medical advice and would refer you to your prescribing doctor or specialist for their opinion. It may be worth taking along a print out of the product and ingredients. Many thanks

Question: what is the side efect of pilfood
Our Answer:

Hello, there are no known or reported side effects with Pilfood - however, as with any supplement, you should check the ingredients and manufacturer's instructions before use. Many thanks

Question: Hi,

Is this product suitable for vegetarians / Halal / Kosher and if not then does Pilfood have a product that is because I reallly don't understand why gelatin is being used in a capsule?

Our Answer:

Hello, the Pilfood capsules are encased in gelatin, so unfortunately are not suitable for vegetarians or Halal or Kosher.

Many thanks

Question: Can I take pilfood if I am photo sensitive?

I have hair loss for some time and would like to make sure before I start taking them. Just had my first laser treatment this month.
Our Answer:

Hello, photosensitivity is not listed as an issue by the manufacturers of Pilfood, however, we would alwasy recommend that you first seek medical advice if you have any pre-existing medical conditions before starting a new supplement. Many thanks

Question: Hi there 2 questions:

1. I am 15 years old and I want to thicken up my hair, will the pills thicken my head hair

2. Will it increase the amount of body hair eg leg hair, armpit hair.. etc
Our Answer:

Hello, we can only provide advice on supplements to those aged 18 or over - at 15 years you should consult with your GP for their advice, as hair loss or hair thinning at this age is most unusual and may be due to a medical condition or nutritional deficiency.

Pilfood Hair Supplement does not cause an increase in body hair. Many thanks

Question: Hi I'm using thymuskin hair gel treatment, can I also take pilfood to improve the treatment for thining hair?
Our Answer:

Hello, the use of a supplement such as Pilfood can be of benefit, as you effectively feed the hair from within as well as tackling the issue directly on the scalp. Many thanks

Question: I would like to know why you cannot send products to Australia?
Our Answer:

Hello, unfortunately Australian Customs do not allow many of our herbal or food based products into Australia. As we cannot exclude just some products from our site for delivery to certain countries, I'm afraid that means that we can't ship to Australia. Many thanks

Question: Will the pillfood effect the contraceptive pill?
Our Answer:

Hello, with any prescribed medication, we would have to advise that you speak with your doctor for any possible contraindications. Many thanks

Question: I understand this product ingredients (gelatine) is it possible to know from what animal is the gelatine. Many thanks
Our Answer:

Hello, the gelatine in Pilfood is derived from fish. Many thanks

Question: Can I take pilfood while breastfeeding?
Our Answer:

Hello, whilst pregnant or breastfeeding we always advise that you check with your doctor for their advice on any supplement use. Many thanks

Question: Is pilfood safe for teenagers?
Our Answer:

Hello, that would depend on the age of the teenager - we can only give advice on over 18s, and when used in accordance with the manufacturer's directions Pilfood is perfectly safe for over 18s. Many thanks

Question: Hi

How to purchase this Pilfood Hair Supplement i am in Pakistan
Our Answer:

Hello, I'm afraid we do not ship to Pakistan. Many thanks

Question: Can you take vitamin b complex and cod liver oil with pilfood?
Our Answer:

Pilfood already contains Vitamins B6 so it all depends on how much you are taking with your complex tablet. Normally, any excess Vitamin B6 is excreted through urine but I would probably be careful about the total Vit B6 taken on a daily basis. Kind regards

Question: Want to buy your pilfood hair supplement and I was wondering if you deliver to Australia?
Our Answer:

Hello, sadly we cannot send products to Australia. Many thanks

Question: Will it help my hair grow in length?
Our Answer:

WEll, results vary to be honest and Pilfood is all about ensuring your hair has the best nutrition (Food) it can get in order to help it grow healthy and strong. This, in turn, should lead to longer hair if that's your wish.

Question: Hello! for how long can I take the pills? A year? eight months...?
Our Answer:

Hello, you can continue to take Pilfood indefinitely, although we would recommend that when you have achieved the results you want, you drop to a maintenance dose ( one third to half of the full dose ). Many thanks

Question: I am now taking propecia for my hair loss. will taking Pil-food as a supplement does any harm. can u advise. Thanks
Our Answer:

Hello, as Propecia is a pharmacy only medication, I am afraid we cannot offer advice on its use or contraindications. Many thanks

Question: with taking the tablets is there any side effects that u should know of
Our Answer:

Hello, there are no known side effects with Pilfood, although if you have an allergy to any of the listed ingredients (see the ingredients tab for full information) then obviously you should avoid it. Many thanks

Question: Pil-Food will make you gain any weight?

Thank you!
Our Answer:

Hello, Pilfood will not cause any unusual weight gain. Many thanks

Question: can you take an iron supplement alongside pilfood?
Our Answer:

Hello, Pilfood is not rich in iron, so there is no reason why you could not take an iron supplement alongside Pilfood, if you so wish. Many thanks

Question: Hi I have an underactive thyroid and i take thyroxine every morning, is pillfood safe for me to take?
Our Answer:

It should be fine but as you are taking medication you should ask your GP to be on the safe side.

Question: As it mention this has effect on hormones, how it only help grow hair in scalp. I wonder will it increase hair grow all over the body?
Our Answer:

No it won't. The effect it has on hair is restricted to the head alone as it does not actually make hair grow but combat the causes for causing the hair to stop growing on the head. Thanks

Question: Can this be used by men?? and is this safe to use for a 16 year old boy who is going bald at a fast rate?
Our Answer:

Yes on both accounts. The manufacturers recommend that children under 10 should not take the supplement. However, if you are in any doubt whatsoever please consult your GP. Pilfood should be taken 3 times a day with water and food or just after food.
As a side note it is unusual for a 16 year old to being losing hair at this age and I recommend you take him to see a Dr to rule out any hormonal or other medical issues that should be resolved. Kind regards, Andrew

Question: How many times a day must one take the medicine
Our Answer:

Hi, simply take 1 tablet 3 times a day. Thanks

Question: Is it safe while breastfeeding.
Our Answer:

Hello, whilst pregnant or breastfeeding we always advise that you check with your doctor for their advice on any supplement use. Many thanks

Question: can men take it does it work on me also
Our Answer:

Hello, yes, Pilfood works for both men and women. Many thanks

Question: can you still colour your hair whilst taking this product and does it promote hair growth elsewhere on the body thankyou
Our Answer:

Hello, yes, you can still use hair colour when taking the product. Hair grows differently on the body than on the head, reaching a natural level and thickness which will not be affected by supplementation. Many thanks

Question: how much is postage please
Our Answer:

Hello, simply add the number of boxes of PIlffod that you wish to order to your basket - it will then show you how much postage will be. Many thanks

Question: I just started consuming pilfood for 3 days. But im worried that i need to take it permanently after my hair regrow. Any suggestion?
Our Answer:

Hello, as with any supplement, you will need to take this for at least 3 months and preferably 6 months before you start to see quantifiable results. Once you are happy with the results you get, we recommend taking a maintenance dose on an ongoing basis. Many thanks

Question: is it safe to take Pil Food while breast feeding?
Our Answer:

Hello, if you are pregnant (or nursing) then we always recommend speaking first to your doctor before taking any supplements. Many thanks

Question: i want to ask if i will find it in Saudi arabia and germany or not ? thanks a lot of your concern
Our Answer:

Hello, we ship to both Saudi Arabia and Germany. Please select either country in the checkout, and it will automatically work out postage for you! Many thanks

Question: I am already taking Holland and Barrett "Mega vitamins for the Hair" but not seen any results. can I take these in conjunction with Pil-Food? I used to have long thick hair, had it cut short over 12 years ago and it has never grown back and it is now very thin. I am desperate for long hair again as I am getting married next year and would love long hair on the day.

Thank you in advance
Our Answer:

Hello, we do not have information on the own brand hair vitamins that you have been taking - but what we would advise is that Pilfood Hair Supplement has been shown in clinical studies to boost hair growth during the growing stage of your hair cycle, and has been shown (over the many years that we have been selling it) to strengthen thinning hair and support strong growth of new hair. I would urge you to read the reviews we have of the product - Pilfood really can help strengthen and thicken your hair. Many thanks

Question: Is it safe to take Pil Food and a multivitamin supplement alongside each other?
Our Answer:

Yes, that will be fine, though don't bother with any further Vitamin B6. If you did take anymore Vi B6 it could well turn your urine a nice bright colour as you remove the excess vitamin via that particular route. It's not harmful but even so, not something you really need to experience!

Question: hi i would like to ask you can you take two times a day the pil food or you have to stick to three times a day for the treatment to be affective and also does head massage help the hair follice to grow
Our Answer:

Hair massages don't really help that much other than helping blood flow to the scalp which certainly doesn't hurt. You should take the recommended dosage to be honest. Thanks

Question: hi i have been taking pil food capsules i am muslim and i wanted to know the gelatin it is vegeratain made out of fish or not some other animal because i am kind of worried now
Our Answer:

The gelatin in Pilfood capsules are FISH based so as long as you don't have an issue with fish then you're fine. If you do however can I suggest you simply break the capsules open and mix them with a drink or a yoghurt for example? Thanks

Question: How much Pil-Food is recommended as a maintenance dose?
Our Answer:

If you are happy with the results achieved I would halve the normal dosage and see how you get on over the next 2 to 3 months. You may well be able to then reduce further after that, however, as with most hair loss problems it is never cured simply kept at bay, so I cannot see a dosage less than half the recommended helping anyone to be honest. Try taking half the dosage and see what happens. kind regards

Question: Can I find and buy pilfood in NYC (USA)???
Our Answer:

Yes, purchase from us and choose USA during checkout! We despatch same day and delivery to the US is normally 3 to 4 days at the most. To see USD prices simply change the currency in the cart at the top of the page. Thanks

Question: Why must Pil-Food be taken as a course of treatment?
Our Answer:

PilFood acts at the root after a few days of treatment. Initial results are visible after 4 – 6 weeks and the effect continues after treatment has stopped.



Our Answer:

Yes you can - no problem at all. In fact, over 40% of our customers are Middle Eastern and take this product home with them. Kind regards

Question: I have received the pil food capsules and on the box it says that the intake of vitamin B6 in large quantities is not safe if taken for a long period of time; therefore, how can one keep taking this product indefinately? Thank-you.
Our Answer:

When the box says large quantities of Vitamin B6, it means not taking anything equating to over 100mg daily. As each Pilfood Capsule only contains 10mg it means that the daily dose being taken is 30mg – so it is completely safe to take on a long term basis!

Question: Hi, could you please tell me whether pilfood might interfere while doing laser hair removal treatments? would it cause the unwanted hair to grow back? thank you
Our Answer:

No, it won't interfere in anyway except with an improvement of quality of the hair on your head! It won't make hair grow where it wouldn't normally - nor increase other body hair at all. Thanks

Question: Hello, As i am vegetarian please could you let me know if any of the properties would be lost in the pil food capsule if i were to empty the contents into a milk shake or other drink so that i could still receive the benefits of the capsules ,but without the outer shell. Also would i lose any of the contents doing this as i would like to be able to take all 3 capsules together for convenience reasons and wondered if this is ok too.
May i also ask you how i could pay other than on line, as i have never completed a payment transaction this way and wondered if i could send a cheque with my request to your head quarters,as i tried to phone both numbers yesterday and were either engaged or constantly ringing out.This was about 5.45 pm. Many Thanks , Michelle.
Our Answer:

Hi, firstly sorry you couldn't get through last night - our lines close at 6.00pm but if all operators are busy I'm afraid you will get the engaged tone. You said you called both numbers? We only have 1 number - could you let me know what other number you tried? Onto your question - yes, you are fine to break the capsules open and mix with a drink.
Please note though that the gelatin is fish based so many vegetarians have no problem taking it as it is.

Question: Hi there,
Is Pilfood suitable for vegeterian?
Does it work on men's hair?
Our Answer:

Yes, it is suitable for vegetarians and it does work for men. In fact, over half of our Pilfood customers are men and they are a large part of the repeat buyers. Thanks

Question: can I take pilfood during breast-feeding
thank you
Our Answer:

Hi, as is usual I'm afraid there have been no tests of pregnant or breastfeeding women that I am aware of. I will ask the manufacturers though and get back to you ASAP
Update - manufacturers have confirmed that as no clinical trials have been done with breastfeeding or pregnant women they cannot say whether it's safe or not and you should check whether you can take Pil-food or not with your doctor.

Question: Can you take the 3 capsules together or must they be taken at different times.
Our Answer:

You can take them together, yes. Thanks

Question: I have slight thinning of hair on crown. Will Pilfood help? Also I have found that when I used Nioxin for thinning hair shampoo, after a few weeks of use, although my hair feels a bit thicker it is also very dry and brittle. As I have very fine hair, curly or frizzy I don't use a lot of conditioner? what would you suggest please?
Our Answer:

Yes, PIlfood may well help with your thinning hair and also your dry and brittle hair problem too. You may also want to consider using the Pilfood shampoo too as they work well together. Many thanks

Question: if i want to order your product dileverd to jordan by TNT , can I do that and who
Our Answer:

Hi, sorry,we don't ship Pilfood outside of the EU at this time.

Question: If I do the 3 month course and then stop taking pilfood will my hair still need pilfood for life?
Our Answer:

Hi, it is hard to say and depends on you and your hair. Pilfood is an excellent supplement to ensure your hair gets the correct nutrition to ensure healthy hair and good growth. A 3 month supply may well be sufficient but we do have many customers who continue to take a 'maintenance' does of Pil-food for quite some time. Thanks

Question: I have suffered from severe hair loss on the top of my head and the hair has become dormant and stopped growing..would pil food help with regrowth for this? If not what products would you recommend for this. Many Thanks
Our Answer:

Hi, I don't think Pil-food Supplement will help with hair regrowth, no though it will ensure your remaining hair has all the nutrition it needs. You need growth stimulators for hair re-growth - if you like Pil-food I suggest you try their PilFood Direct treatment which is really good. Thanks

Question: Hello!
I am from Ukraine, and I am interested in getting Pilfood. Do you deliver it to Ukraine? if yes, how can I oder?
Thank you
Best regards
Our Answer:

As of right now we only ship to the EU countries I'm afraid. Sorry.

Question: I live in Canada. Do you have a distributor in North America? How can I obtain Pilfood?
Our Answer:

Hi, we are a reseller in the EU so I don't know if it is available in Canada. However, if you purchase from us AND use Google Checkout as the method of payment you can select Canada during the Google Checkout process and we will ship there for you. There maybe some small duty to pay from the Canadian authorities though. Thanks

Question: can pilfood cause spots?
Our Answer:

That has never been reported no. In fact, Pilfood is a great, hair, nails and skin supplement so if anything it should help with spots. Thanks

Question: Hello,
I have been using procerin since 1 month and I want to user Pillfood also.
So I want to know if its good to use both of them or Procerin only.
Our Answer:

Yes, they work well together and neither contain the same active ingredients. Many thanks

Question: wat is da price of this product in PKR,i mean in pakistani currency?
Our Answer:

Sorry, we don't ship to Pakistan and I wouldn't know what the exchange rate is as it would be determined by your credit card company and what they charge for converting GBP to PKR. Thanks

Question: wat is the dose?
Our Answer:

Hi, 1 capsule, 3 times a day. Thanks

Question: long this medicine should be taken? 2. how many times taken in a day?
Our Answer:

Pilfood is taken orally. Simply take 1 capsule 3 times a day.
Swallow the capsules with water during or after meals.
For a therapeutic effect a course should be taken for a minimum of 3 months. Obviously keep away from children and store in a cool dry place. Hope this helps

Question: By taking Pil-Food for hair growth do I still need to take any other supplement such as Horsetail? I am also taking daily dosage of multivitamin. It is over consummed?
Our Answer:

Hi Pil-food is a great supplement for hair health. However, if you are looking to stop hair loss and promote hair growth there are other products more suited for this. Thanks

Question: dear sir/madam...
I was just wondering if its ok if i remove the capsule and just swallow the ingredients in it with water because i dont know if the capsules are made from gelatine or not and if its Halal(since im a muslim) so i decided not to risk it being halal or not and decided to take it without the capsule..... i've been taking it for about 17 days now.
i also would like to kno if i need to take pil-food after the three month treatment?
or is it perminent hair repare (unless certain factors ruin hair)
im also using the pil-food hair shampoo
would that make the treatment more affective?
thank you so much
hope to hear from you soon
Our Answer:

Hi, you can do that, no problem. Many people continue to take Pilfood in a maintenance dose, yes. Using the shampoo will also help too, yes. If your hair loss is severe though you may want to consider other products. Let me know your circumstances and we can advise further. Thanks

Question: is pilfood just herbal as i have ulcerative colitis.
Our Answer:

It is yes though a you suffer from a medical condition it is always advisable to seek medical consult before taking any kind of additional supplement/treatment. Thanks

Our Answer:

You can take Pilfood for as long as you require. There is no limit and many customers keep taking a maintenance dose all the time. Thanks

Question: How much iodine does it contain ? I have a slightly overactive thyroid.
Our Answer:

Hi, there is no iodine in Pilfood. Thanks

Question: Is PilFood Hair Supplement a herbal remedy ?
Our Answer:

Yes it is, totally safe and tested thoroughly. It complies with all EU legislation and has a great history of success.

Question: Will Pil-Food stop and reverse alopecia?
Our Answer:

Pil Food will not stop the process of androgenetic alopecia. However, Pil-Food can slow the process down and also help strengthen the remaining hair. Pil Food is an excellent addition to any of the other product we feature on our website for Hair Loss

Question: Does Pil-Food encourage the growth of any unwanted body hair?
Our Answer:

Pil-Food does not contain any hormones and therefore no undesired body hair growth occurs.

Question: Does Pil-Food have any side effects?
Our Answer:

Pil-Food is well tolerated and should not cause any unwanted side effects. However, occasional mild gastrointestinal irritations such as diarrhoea can occur caused by intolerance to millet. In these cases the dosage should be reduced.

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