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Thymuskin Medicated Shampoo 200ml

The Thymuskin range of hair loss products have some of the most comprehensive clinical data in the market today showing up to 97% success rate for women and 67% success rate for men in treating pattern baldness.
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Product Description


The Thymuskin range of hair loss products have some of the most comprehensive clinical data in the market today showing up to 97% success rate for women and 67% success rate for men in treating pattern baldness.

The Thymuskin hair care preparations are the outcome of more than twenty years of research, clinical trials and millions of applications.

They are applied to:

  • combat the androgenetic loss of hair (in cases of predisposition)
  • combat dandruff
  • activate renewed growth of hair
  • protect the hair against harmful external factors, UV-rays and from drying out.

Thymuskin® MED Shampoos are free of silicone, parabene, perfume and free of bovine ingredients

Thymuskin Med Shampoo

In case of strong hair loss and problematic hair, Thymuskin MED Shampoo has a +25% higher content of the active complex GKL-02 and additional conditioning ingredients. Intended for use on sensitive, dry or seborrheic hair and scalp and where balding is already present. 

Daily usage of Thymuskin MED Shampoo helps against androgenetic (hereditary) hair loss and dandruff. Gently cleans hair and scalp.

Shampoo with biological active ingredient GKL-02:

  • Against strong hair loss and for the activation of new hair growth 
  • Highly effective, free of harmful side effects + caring properties
  • System: shampoo & treatment serum gel for combined daily usage in 100ml & 200ml sizes
  • Mix & match with all Thymuskin® Scalp-Treatment Serums (PREVENT, MED, CLASSIC, FORTE)

Stop hair loss – with the innovative thymic peptide complex GKL-02The success of Thymuskin® against hair loss in both women and men is based on the biological activity of the GKL-02 complex, a bovine-free mimicry of the natural thymic peptide total extract. It boosts and activates the immune defence in hair and skin cells. Thymuskin® increases the vitality and can reduce, and even stop the dying off process of follicle cells. It improves the cell supply of the hair root (follicle) during the growth phase (anagen phase). The hair follicle which remain intact are activated again, new hair is formed and the growth phase is considerably prolonged. Thymuskin can therefore reactivate hair growth in bald patches which have existed for up to 3 years.

Thymuskin® MED Shampoos are free of silicone, parabene, perfume and free of bovine ingredients


General Information on the Thymuskin Range Follows:


What is Thymuskin and What Does it Do?

Thymuskin is a biologically active result of extensive clinical research and consists of a complex of amino acids , growth factors and proteins proven to successfully combat androgenetic hair loss, to fight dandruff, to stimulate new hair growth, to prevent dryness and to protect the hair from damaging environmental influences.

The highly technological production process and the careful selection of the very best of raw materials make for optimum success in application without any side effects in the interests of healthy hair and a vital scalp.



Men lose hair as a result of excess testosterone. The testosterone combines with an enzyme in the body which converts it to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes hair to fall out. The thymus extract in Thymuskin acts as a coating for the hair, so that the hair follicles do not respond to the DHT and the hair no longer falls out.



Alopecia universalis is total hair loss for the entire body, and alopecia totalis means hair loss from the neck up, which are both extensions of areata. When the thymus extract is put on the scalp, hair regrows wherever it is supposed to grow on the body. The thymus extract works exceedingly well for these types of condition.


Thymuskin Photos

Here are photos from the clinical trials and university studies. As you can see, extreme cases were used to demonstrate the effectiveness of Thymuskin.

Female with alopecia areata before treatment. Photo progression then shows after several weeks, after several months and then finally after 18 months.


thymuskin before and after case study 1

Complete remission in a 40 year old male patient with alopecia areata totalis after 18 months of treatment with Thymuskin Shampoo and Treatment.

thymuskin case study number 2

Partial remission of a 37 year old patient with alopecia areata universalis for 14 years before treatment. 2nd photo then shows results after 9 months local treatment with Thymuskin shampoo and Treatment.

thymuskin case study 3

Thymuskin Clinical Data

Over ten years of clinical studies have been performed on the use of ThymuSkin as an effective treatment of alopecia androgenetica (Pattern Baldness), diffusa (Hair Loss Over The Whole Scalp and Possible All Parts Of The Body), and areate (Patchy Baldness).

ThymuSkin has been shown to be effective in reducing hair loss and creating new hair growth in individuals who experience alopecia androgenetica (Pattern Baldness) and alopecia areata.

Of particular interest is the documentation of no side effects in conjunction with the use of ThymuSkin. The explanation of the mode of action of ThymuSkin is a subject of various clinical trials still on-going.

The following table presents a comparison of treatment regimes and their effectiveness for the treatment of Alopecia.


Type of Alopecia Sex Duration of Therapy Therapy Success (%)
Androgenetica (pattern baldness) Women 12 100
Androgenetica Men 12 67
(pattern baldness)      
Areata Women 12 86
Areata Men 12 86
Areata Totalis Universalis Men/Women 9-24 65
Diffusa Women 12 87
Diffusa Women 6 73
Chemotherapy Men/Women 6 32-92


What Results Can I Expect with Thymuskin?

The results expected with Thymuskin really do differ depending upon each individual and the type of alopecia that they suffer from.

If you are suffering from totallis or universallis for example then it can take around 3 months to start seeing results with total remission often been seen around 18 months.

Below we show the typical results for the most common type of alopecia - androgentic alopecia - commonly called Pattern Baldness assuming that either the normal Thymuskin shampoo or Medicated shampoo is used alongside either the Thymuskin Treatment or Thymuskin Med Gel.

  • Month 1
    You should start to see a difference in the amount of hair loss you suffer. Your existing hair should definitely feel in a better condition
  • Month 2-3
    Your hair loss should be stopping by now and you may even experience hair regrowth too.
  • Month 4 - 9
    Most users report good hair growth in this period and many actually stop using the Thymuskin Treatment at this point and simply use the Thymuskin shampoo to maintain what they have already achieved.
  • Month 9 onwards
    Results should just keep getting better!


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 4260170680112
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