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Pilfood Hair Supplement (100 caps)

Clinical tests have shown that Pilfood increases the numbers of hairs in the growth phase of your hair and therefore prolongs their life-cycle.
Pil-food is ideal for….read more info below
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Product Description


Clinical tests have shown that Pilfood increases the numbers of hairs in the growth phase of your hair and therefore prolongs their life-cycle.

Pil-food is ideal for:

  • Dull, lifeless hair
  • Strengthening of thinning hair
  • Most type of alopecia
  • Regrowth of strong hair after sudden hair loss
  • Supportive treatment for male pattern baldness
  • Brittle hair and nails

To keep hair in a healthy condition, looking and feeling good, hair must be looked after through regular washing, conditioning and other external treatments.

However, what about internally? To guarantee strong healthy growing hair, then it must be fed from the inside. An appropriate therapy must reach the hair root as all types of alopecia originate from the root.


What Is PilFood?

Pil-Food is an internal treatment for hair problems which acts at the hair root. The key to Pil-Food’s effectiveness is the quantity and balance of its active ingredients:

1. Sulphurated amino acids
DL-Methionine and L-Cystine are the essential sulphurated amino acids which act as the building blocks for the formation of keratin (the basic structure of hair) and promote hair growth. Enzyme – Hydrolysed Lactabumin also provides amino acids for the production of keratin fibres, for elasticity and strength.

2. Vitamins
The B complex vitamins contribute to healthy skin and hair. B6 plays an important role in the absorption of sulphurated amino acids. Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant concerned both directly and indirectly in hair growth.

3. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
Millet extract in Pil-Food contains polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps to nourish and regenerate the scalp.

4. Trace elements
A lack of certain trace elements can lead to skin disorders as well as growth problems. Pil-Food Millet extract contains minerals of natural origin such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese and iodine.

Pil-Food ensures that large quantities of these substances are available to the body.


Pil-Food is ideal for those suffering from dull, lifeless and thinning hair. In addition it is suitable for many types of alopecia as Pil-Food helps the regrowth of strong healthy hair. Pil-Food can also be a supportive treatment for conditions such as male pattern baldness by helping to slow the process down – and strengthening remaining hair.


What To Expect

For optimal results you should continue to take PilFood as a course of treatment for at least 3 months, since keratin synthesis takes place over a long period.

Initial results can be visible after 4 to 6 weeks and the effects continue after the treatment has stopped.

Clinical results have shown that treatment with Pil food significantly increases hair growth and decreases hair loss after just 3 months.


Woman Magazine Case Study...

woman magazine pilfoodBernadette Wilson, 39, ran into problems with her hair after having a fibroid operation two years ago.

"I had 3 months off work after the operation", she says. "But I'd been affected by hormones prescribed before the operation to reduce the size of the fibroids."

before pilfoodBernadette, who lives in Leeds with her 12 year old daughter, add, "I hadn't realised the hormones could cause other problems but then I found out I'd had, effectively, a mini-menopause and this had affected my hair. The texture in the middle of the crown became very thin and wispy and the hair at the back of my head don the left side was weak and would break off. It was embarrassing so I had it all cut short."

Bernadette exercised regularly and added zinc, iron and kelp tablets to her already healthy diet but her hair didn't improve much.after pilfood

"Then a health store owner recommended a natural remedy called Pilfood. It was expensive but he said it worked wonder so I gave it a try."

By the end of the second month of taking Pilfood, Bernadette's hair was starting to improve.

"Also my nails, which have always been weak, have got much stronger. I'm still taking the pills and eating well."

Woman Magazine's resident doctor said, "Pil-food is a long-established Swiss natural remedy. It's rich in special amino acids, building blocks for the keratin that makes up the structure of hair. It's got vitamins B and E, iron, zinc, iodine and copper, plus millet seed extract which helps feed and regenerate the scalp tissues."


Other Magazine Reviews...

beauty mag pilfood reviewBeauty Magazine recommended Pil-Food for thinning hair. They said, "Hair does thin naturally with age - a supplement can help provide nutrtients for healthy hair growth. Try Pil-Food, it really works!"


celebs magazine review on pilfoodIn an article on growing your hair longer Celebs on Sunday magazine said, "Eat a balanced diet, B vitamins, magnesium, sulphur and zinc are all important for healthy hair. Pil-food hair supplement has of of these plus amino acids to help grow hair thicker."


dr mark atkinson and now magazine pilfood reviewDr Mark Atikins, NOW Magazine's resident health expert took a question from a lady who asked, "Since chaning my contraceptive pill my hair has started to fall out a lot. I also started a new job. My hairdresser said that my saclp had become flaky and wondered if stress was the cause. Could they be connected?"

Dr Mark Atkinson replied, "Probably. Stressful thoughts create stress chemicals which can lead to acidic blood with low oxygen levels, mineral depletion and hormone disruptions....take the supplement Pilfood, a combination of fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins designed to stimulate the body's own production of keratin in the hair follicle, leading to new hair growth..."


PilFood Ingredients

DL-Methionine, capsule shell (Gelatin, colours: Titanium Dioxide, Red Ponceau, Ferric Oxide), L-Cystine, Enzyme-Hydrolused Lactalbumin, Pantothenic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Millet extract 4%, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vanillin flavouring, Riboflavin, Biotin.

Take 1 tablet 3 times a day. 1 Box contains 100 tablets - enough for 1 month supply


PilFood Nutritional Information

Average per capsule: Vitamin E 2mg (20% RDA), Riboflavin 0.8mg (50% RDA), Vitamin B6 10mg (500% RDA), Biotin 0.2mg (133% RDA), Pantothenic Acid 23mg (383% RDA), DL-Methionine 200mg, L-Cystine 105mg.


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 5060164720263
Organic No
Vegetarian No
Vegan No
UK Produce Yes
Fair Trade No
Brand Pilfood


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