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The HairMax LaserComb is one of only 3 products cleared by the FDA in the USA to treat hair loss. Now available with a 6-months Money Back Guarantee... Read more

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About HairMax LaserComb Lux 9

HairMax LaserComb Lux 9

The Award-Winning Hairmax Lasercomb Lux 9 Edition 

  • CLEARED by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss
  • STRENGTHEN the hair shaft and follicles
  • IMPROVE manageability, shine and condition
  • Time Magazine's WINNER: Invention of the Year




6 month's guaranteeThat's correct: we will give you a full 6-months guarantee* on your purchase of the Hairmax Lasercomb, as we are so convinced this will work for you!

We are the only UK supplier to offer this guarantee! With the HairMax LaserComb "Easy Decision Trial Offer" you don't risk a thing.

If you are using the LaserComb for personal use and are not fully satisfied, return the product within 6 months of your purchase date and we will refund your order ... Just make sure you keep the casing and all the accessories and return it all to us, complete. *Please see below for full terms and conditions.


Dr Chris Steele ITV This Morning Show - Reviews the HairMax LaserComb


"It works...I've seen the before and after photos..."


FDA Clears The HairMax LaserComb for Treating Hair Loss and the Promotion of Hair Growth

In 2007 the FDA cleared the HairMax LaserComb for the promotion of hair growth in men. After years of extensive research and clinical trials, the FDA cleared the HairMax LaserComb for the treatment of hair loss - 1 of only 3 products now cleared - and the only drug free alternative!

Now, in May 2011, FDA Clearance has been given for the Hairmax LaserComb to treat androgenetic alopecia and promote hair growth in females. The HairMax LaserComb's clinical credentials are proven - a double-blind, device-controlled clinical study conducted under Good Clinical Practices showed that 100% of subjects on the HairMax Lux 9 experienced hair growth at 6 months.

Furthermore, over the same period of time, females using the HairMax Lux 9 grew an average of 20.5 hairs per square centimeter, which is considered medically and scientifically significant. Most importantly, over 70% of the subjects using the HairMax Lux 9 reported improvement in thickness and fullness of their hair. No serious side effects occurred and there were no other types of side effects caused by the HairMax Lux 9 in the study.


hairmax lasercomb 2-year warranty

HairMax granted NAHRS Seal of Recognition

HairMax has been granted the prestigious North American Hair Research Society (NAHRS) Seal of Recognition.

This is a significant achievement, as the criteria set by the Scientific Review Panel is extremely high, and the HairMax clinical studies were examined by some of the world's leading and most notable hair experts.

This highly respected endorsement has only previously been given to Procter & Gamble.




Would You Like To Hear What Actual Users are Saying?

Below is a small media movie of user and doctor testimonials. Simply click on the play button to start the movie. We haven't "auto-started" the movie as we know how annoying this is - especially when at work!


The LaserComb is a Laser PhotoTherapy device that has been shown to be safe and effective for the home treatment of hair loss (Alopecia). Laser PhotoTherapy, also called Low Level Laser Therapy in the medical community, is a safe, effective therapy with no known side effects.


So, How Does The HairMax LaserComb Actually Work?

The LaserComb works by stimulating the natural hair growing cycle. Hair follicles naturally grow in repeated cycles. One cycle can be broken down into three phases.

  • Anagen – Growth Phase
  • Catagen – Transitional Phase
  • Telogen – Resting Phase

Each hair passes through the phases independent of neighboring hairs. The objective of Laser PhotoTherapy, for hair, as delivered through the HairMax LaserComb, can be summarized through the following graphics:

A: Live root growing a hair. LaserComb provides energy for healthy growth.
B: Live root in resting or shedding phase. LaserComb stimulates root for new growth.
C: Weakening root with a miniaturised Vellus hair. LaserComb stimulates growth of thicker, healthy hair.
D: Dead root. Beyond revitalisation.


Studies on the effects of Laser PhotoTherapy have shown an increase in adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which contributes to the higher energy level in the living cells. In addition, an increase in blood flow to the capillaries of the hair root occurs, delivering more nutrients to the living cells that create the hair shaft. This increased blood flow also carries away more waste products which may diminish the effects of DHT on the miniaturization process of the hair follicles.


What to Expect - the Typical User Experience

It is very important to have reasonable expectations when using any hair loss product and the HairMax LaserComb is no different. Below we lay out a typical user experience.

Individuals vary, but here is what the typical HairMax LaserComb user will experience:

  • 6 - 12 Weeks: LaserComb users should notice early general improvements or activation of scalp hair occurring. These improvements should include a normalising of scalp condition, thicker and shinier hair. Hair should also show changes in the amount of shedding. Initially, within the first two months, there may be a small increase in shedding that most users may or may not be able to quantify.
  • Months 3 - 6: LaserComb users may notice their hair gradually becoming fuller, stronger and denser with an increase in hair count.
  • 6 months and Onwards: Over time, most users - men and women - notice progressively increasing benefits as they continue to use their HairMax LaserComb. Conversely, once the usage stops, our experience is that hair and scalp conditions gradually regress back to their previous condition.


Remember, if you stop using the Hairmax Lasercomb, your hair will gradually begin thinning again...


User Satisfaction - The Benefits

With tens of thousands of LaserComb units in use in over 69 countries around the world, many users report other positive benefits and changes in their hair. These benefits include:

  • An increase in the thickness of hair shafts.
  • Faster growing hair.
  • Darkening of the hair to their natural colour (less grey).
  • An increase in tensile strength (less breakage).
  • Improved manageability and shine.
  • Improved condition.
  • Less dandruff, irritation and scalp itch.


Before & After Photos

We have so many photos that we have put them all into a separate article for you. Please click here to go to the article page showing the HairMax before and after photos.


Your Money Back Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

That's right, with the Easy Decision Trial Offer you don't risk a thing! If you are using the LaserComb for personal use and are not fully satisfied, return the product within 6 months* of your purchase date, together with the case and accessories and we will refund your full purchase price, less only a 25% restocking fee.

That said, when you have an understanding of a Typical HairMax User Experience you'll want to keep your LaserComb for a long time to come.

  • FREE Tracked Delivery (UK only)
  • Applies to Lux 9 and Pro 12 models

*As part of your 6 months guarantee we do ask that you use the LaserComb as directed for at least 5 months - this will give the treatment a reasonable chance to show how the LaserComb can help you. 6 month period begins on date of purchase. Applies to Lux 9 and Pro 12 models only.

25% restocking fee applies. We will deduct 25% of the original purchase price from the total refund we make to you.

Three Hairmax Lasercombs to choose from - which will you opt for?
Prices Start from Only £249!


Your Hairmax Lasercomb Choices:

Compare HairMax LaserComb

Option 1 - HairMax LaserComb Lux 9 Edition

lux 9 hairmax lasercombHairMax LaserComb Lux 9 Edition contains:

  • HairMax LaserComb Lux 9 (9 laser beams)
  • Charging Station
  • Instruction Manual
  • Free Tracked Shipping within the UK

Around 11 minutes per treatment time.

Remember, we offer a 6 months money back guarantee* on the Lux 9 and Pro 12 models. No other UK supplier can offer this

Limited time only offer of £76.00 off the RRP of £395.00 - now only £319.00

Option 2 - Hairmax Lasercomb Pro 12 Edition

Click on this link to learn more about the Hairmax Lasercomb Pro 12 Edition:

The Hairmax Lasercomb Pro 12 has 12 lasers. Treatment time is slightly less than the Lux 9 version.

Option 3 - Hairmax Lasercomb Advanced Edition (7 lasers)

Click on this link to learn more about the Hairmax Lasercomb Advanced Edition:

The Hairmax Lasercomb Advanced 7 has 7 lasers. Treatment time takes around 15-20 minutes.

Please note that the new versions of the LaserComb Advanced 7, Lux 9 and Pro 12 are now available only in white, and no longer have a leather travel case.



2-Year Warranty on All Hairmax Lasercomb Models

hairmax lasercomb 2-year warrantyAll Hairmax Lasercombs come with a 2-year warranty should the device malfunction. In the unlikely event of this happening, please contact us and make arrangements for its return.





What's in the box

HairMax LaserComb Lux 9 & Pro 12 Edition contains:

  • HairMax LaserComb Lux 9 or Pro 12 (9 or 12 laser beams)
  • Charging Station
  • Instruction Manual

Lux 9 Box

Customer Reviews

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My hair was falling
* * * * *

I have been using Hairmax for 10 weeks. My hair was falling BIG time and I felt so worried, especially as I am a young woman... but I thought it was fate, as both my nan and mum had thinning hair big time. After trying lots of different (and not cheap) products I read about Hairmax and thought I'd try. After all, I had already wasted quite a bit of money with other products and ...we're talking about my hair so I was gonna try!!! Although I was a little sceptical I am amazed at the great and prompt results it's shown. My hair is thicker and shiny + definitely growing back...even in areas were there hadn't been any hair for a bit (come on, don't laugh, I'm not talking about my back, nostrils or ches, I really mean my head here!!!). I am over the moon and, although using the products 3 times a week can be a bit annoying I think it's so worth it. Can't wait to see the long term effects!

* * * * -

Does the lazer work even if you dont really have a northwood scale? does it work on men with a short buzz-cut or even shaved head? comments please. Thank y=u

Peak Nutrition Replies:

Yes the Hairmax works even if you are not on the Norwood scale. Yes it does work on that kind of hair too - the low level laser therapy works on stimulating the hair follicles rather than the hair itself so it doesn't matter if you shave your hair or not. Thanks

I need to upgrade
* * * * -

I have been using the wonderful HairMax comb for 4 months now and have seen some improvement in the thickness - and condition believe it or not - of my hair. I highly recommend HairMax as THE laser comb treatment for thinning hair. What a godsend! I bought my model second hand and, as its a little older than I would wish, I desperately want to update to the new Premium Lux 9. I am just waiting to for a windfall, or more likely some overtime, to be able to afford it. But I will say that even for the old model I am currently using, every penny you spend on any HairMax laser comb is a penny well spent. Highly recommend!

Peak Nutrition Replies:

We maybe be able to offer you an upgrade to the new comb from your old one so please contact us to discuss if you wish. Kind regards

Great results!
* * * * *

I have a thinning hair problem with a receding hair line - I'm only 24 FFS! After around 3 months or so (could have been 5 maybe) there is a great change. I guess I first noticed a thickening, then the hair line stopped receding and now it's on it's way back! F** yeah! Now all I need is some device to wave over my belly to get rid of my beer belly - I wish!

Did not work for me.. :(
* - - - -

Hi.. I tried all possible stuff out there and was hopping for this to be the solution to my hair thinning problem. I have been using hairmax comb exactly following the instructions and after 3 months I have noticed no hair thicking nor regrowth.. I also know another guy who was using hairmax for even longer than me and experienced the same thing as me. Unfortunatelly this solution did not prove to be the right one...

Peak Nutrition Replies:
Hi Joseph - just a quick thanks for the review BUT please please please keep at it. 3 months is not really long enough for most to see good results. ANY hair loss product whether it be a prescription drug like Propecia or a herbal remember, or a laser device, takes time to work. You should always give ANY product at least 6 months and preferably 9 months to make sure you are giving it a good go. Stick with it another 3 or 4 months and I'm sure you'll see results - as long as you're not say worse than a Norwood IV? Call us or email us for further advice and options. Thanks

Am 17 years old and suffering ...
* * * * *

am 17 years old and suffering frm thining hair i have bald areas on my scalp and is woundering if this product is suitable for me?

Peak Nutrition Says:
Yes, it could well help but we need to know more - you have used the review portion of our site instead of Ask a Question so we don't have your email - please contact me directly on and we will ask some more questions so we can advise you better. Thanks

* * * * *

I have been using this Laser C...
* * * * -

I have been using this Laser Comb for a few weeks and have thicker hair i have not seen any regrowth yet its to earily to judge this product just yet.

Started using the Hairmax Lase...
* * * * -

Started using the Hairmax Lasercomb 6 months ago and have seen improvement in my hair.I used to get so many hairs in the shower basin and especially in my hairbrush but now just a few, has significantly redused the hairloss.Not seen any regrowth as such but helped with the hairloss.

Hi, I have a massive problem w...
* * * * *

Hi, I have a massive problem with hairloss since my teens and that was over 10 years ago. You name it i tried. I saw the laser comb and thought another product ! Anyway I purchased it and I didnt use it at first because it takes ages to see results. Anyway decided that Is now or never and this is my 5th month and I cannot believe the difference, before you could see my scalp but now there is coverage and I am so happy because I thought this was it for me. I cannot wait what the results will be like with continuous use. Thanks so much for the lasercomb. People out there whos got a hair problem then go for this, I know its the waiting period for the hair to grow back but I tell you its well worth the wait! Thanks again.

What can say about the amazing...
* * * * *

What can say about the amazing Hairmax Laser comb!! My father became bald by the time he was 35+ years of age & my brother is half bald & he is 5 years younger then me. I started losing my hair at about 23 years of age onwards but I was not going to sit around doing nothing about it. I spent nearly £3k at laser clinics sitting under one of those laser beams & using lotion on my head twice a day. It was such a waste of money & time really, after 6 months my hair was starting to fall out again & all that money went down the drain. I then decided to go onto Google & see if I could find a solution & I came across the Hairmax laser comb about 6 years ago. It cost me over £400 but I purchased it immediately, within 4 - 6 weeks I could see results straight away (wish I had photos of my hair back then & now!) I had very thin hair 6 years ago but now it is full of life. I wasted so much money on other products, I just wish I had seen this laser comb earlier.

The baldness runs in my family gene, but I overcame that barrier by using the laser comb, first 3 times a week for a year & now once or twice a week only. I go across the middle & then the other side of my scalp & always use after shampooing my hair first, this always gives better results. I have black hair & amazingly the hair has stayed black because of the power & of the laser beam just as the sun gives light to plants & trees.

I have now slightly thin hair on the centre of the scalp but I am working on this by using the laser comb more on this area. I can never have the same amount of hair thickness I used to have, but I have respectability & confidence when facing people, all because of the laser combs results.

The new premium laser comb has 9 laser beams which is alot more powerful then the older version, I will defiantly purchase this once the life span on this laser comb terminates.

What is the difference between...
* * * * *

what is the difference between two different edition? how to know that which edition is the right one to purchase?

Peak Nutrition Says:

Hi, please use our Ask A Question option to get a direct response as we don't have your email address!!
Anyway, the difference is that the Premium has 9 lasers and the SE has 5 - all this means is that the treatment time per session is longer - say 5/10 mins per session
Also, the Premium has a DVD and nice leather type case and spare teeth - that's about it!

My hairmax broke within a mont...
* * * - -

My hairmax broke within a month of using it. Not moticed any difference yet at this point
{Peak Nutrition Note: Unfortunately there are occasioinally faulty units as with any electronic device and we replaced this unit promptly. 2 months is too soon to see results to be honest and that is why we offer a 3 month guarantee with an extension to 6 months upon request}

While at first I was somewhat ...
* * * * *

While at first I was somewhat sceptical, I can see a slight difference. The only problem I can see up to now is the price, other than that. Very Good !!!

I've suffered from thinning ha...
* * * * *

I've suffered from thinning hair for several years. I started using the HairMax 5 months ago and my , hair is thicker and I am so very happy and can't wait to see what longer term use is going to do! Thanks so much!

I suffer from thinning hair a...
* * * * *

I suffer from thinning hair and a receding hair line. After about 2 months all that wispy hair started to get a lot thicker. I now have darker and more shiny hair. I can say that I have not lost any more hair and I am definitely getting hair growth now.

I've been using it for over a ...
* * * * *

I've been using it for over a year. I only used to have fuzz but now I have a full head of hair on the front and it's starting to work on back too. Excellent - I plan on continuing to use it.

I've been using it for 6 month...
* * * * *

I've been using it for 6 months now. I've always had really thin hair, all my life. Just after 3 months my forehead (which was always high) started to grow little hairs. And now it's really improved. My husband has started to use it too now! Thank you!

I've been using it for 3 years...
* * * * *

I've been using it for 3 years and I am very very happy with the results. I wanted a natural, chemical free product and this has provided that. My hair has thickened, I've kept the hair I have and it's definitely improved my hair growth.

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Ask a Question

Question: I would like to know what is the difference between:

Hairmax lasercomb advanced 7 and Hairmax lasercomb Lux 9 and Hairmax lasercomb Professionnal 12. PLEASE RESPOND.
Our Answer:


The Advanced 7 is the only one of the LaserComb range that uses replaceable AA batteries or operates via an optional mains adaptor - the Lux 9 and Pro 12 models both have internal rechargeable batteries.

The technology used in both the Lux 9 and Pro 12, as well as the battery operated Advanced 7, is exactly the same, with the only difference being the number of Lasers used. The efficacy is exactly the same across the range.

The main difference between the 9 and 12 is the treatment time per session - the 12 lasers cover more of the scalp with each pass, thereby reducing treatment time to around 8 minutes.

Many thanks

Question: i would like to buy the hairmax but i need the delivery to be at the weekend or in the evening thankyou
Our Answer:

Hello, unfortunately we cannot specify what time of day your order will be delivered by Royal Mail, but if you would prefer delivery at the weekend please add a note to this effect during checkout and we'll do our best to dispatch your order to coincide with Saturday delivery. Many thanks

Question: Hello,
Which of these models has been FDA approved directly?
I have been reading that not all of the HairMax devices were cleared.
Our Answer:

Hello R,
The model used in both the clinical studies and that was submitted to the FDA for clearance was the Lux 9 model - however, the technology used in both the Lux 9 and Pro 12, as well as the battery operated Advanced 7 - is exactly the same, with the only difference being the number of Lasers used. The efficacy is exactly the same across the range, as clearance has been granted for the technology used and how it is delivered. Many thanks

Question: If I am using Minoxidil For Women can I use Hairmax laser pro 12 as well or not.
Our Answer:

Hello, yes you can! Minoxidil can be used very successfully alongside the HairMax LaserComb. For best results, just make sure that the Minoxidil has fully dried on the scalp before using the LaserComb. Many thanks

Question: I have thinning hair on the top of back crown and have trouble everyday as I have to role my hair as it looks ike Ken Dodd nmy main concern is the scalp as it is so dry ,will it help me Many thanks M
Our Answer:

Hello, The LaserComb has been clinically proven to promote both healthy hair growth and regrowth of hair in both men and women, with the latest clinical trials showing a 100% success rate among the female participants. Many thanks

Question: hi there
whats the difference please between the pro and the lux comb, im a lady with fine long thin hair and after best results please
Our Answer:

Hello Jane, the simple answer is that there is no difference in results between the two, just a difference in the amount of time each treatment takes (the Pro 12 covers more of the scalp and so takes less time to cover the entire scalp). The LaserComb has been clinically proven to promote both healthy hair growth and regrowth of hair in both men and women, with the latest clinical trials showing a 100% success rate among the female participants. Many thanks

Question: Please can you tell me is the laser comb will have any effect on hair loss owing to an under active thyroid? I am taking thyroxine which has reduced the loss rate but I am looking something to encourage regrowth.

Many thanks
Our Answer:

Hello, the HairMax can definitely help maintain or improve existing hair as long as the underlying cause is treated. As you are tackling the underactive thyroid issue, then the LaserComb will be able to make a difference to your hair condition and promote healthy hair growth. Many thanks

Question: Hi there I just purchased the hair max 9 from you and wanted to understand whether there is anything further I need to do to activate the 6 month guarantee?
Our Answer:

Hello, There is nothing else you need to do - the 6 month period begins on the day of purchase, and all you need to do is use the LaserComb as directed for at least 5 months. You should see results within this time - but if you do need to claim on the money back guarantee, you will need to contact us shortly before the end of the 6 month period by email or through the helpdesk.

The results for the LaserComb are extremely positive - the latest clinical studies showed over 90% success rates. Many thanks

Question: Is the Pro12 suitable for me?
I am 65 years old. I believe my thinning hair (which I have only started noticing in the last four months)is a result of my use of creatin/DHEA and it's/their effect on my DHT levels ... I have now (today) stopped taking these supplements.
Speedy response appreciated.
Our Answer:

Hello, the LaserComb is definitely suitable for use in your situation. The latest clinical studies have shown success rates of 90% in women, and if you have only recently started noticing hair loss or thinning, it is really worth tackling the problem as soon as possible. Many thanks

Question: Hi

I'm interested in the Hairmax laser comb. Could you tell me the difference between the Lux 9 and Pro 12.

As the Lux 9 is the new edition, does it have any improvements from the previous one?

Also is the comb head the same size for the 9 and 12? Are the lasers more densely placed together in the 12, or the same separation as the 9?

Our Answer:

Hello, the Lux 9 replaced the older Premium model, and was a significant upgrade, including the new lithium battery which gives around a month of use on a full charge, as well as redesigned styling to make it easier to use.

The main difference between the 9 and 12 is the treatment time per session - the 12 lasers cover more of the scalp with each pass, thereby reducing treatment time to around 8 minutes.

The handsets are the same size, but the laser panel is necessarily longer on the Pro 12, with a few more rows of teeth. They are not placed more desnsely, as it is all about coverage.

Question: what is the different between tis product and the advanced 7 one which is for £245 .I mean apart from the 6 month guarantee is there any different like extra parts or soe thing like that or the different is only about the guarantee?thanks
Our Answer:

Hello, aside from the 6 month money back guarantee, the Lux 9 and Pro 12 models also offer the benefit of being rechargeable - the Advanced 7 uses batteries (or can be plugged directly into the socket with an optional power supply), whereas the Lux 9 and Pro 12 models contain lithium batteries that, when fully charged, provide a few weeks of power between charges. The power supply is included free with the Lux 9 and Pro 12 models.

The time per treatment also vary between the models - each session with the Advanced 7 takes about 15 minutes, with the Lux 9 this is reduced to 11 minutes, and with the Pro 12 it is further reduced to about 8 minutes. Many thanks

Question: Hi,
I am in my third year of my third time having severe alopecia. I have been wearing a hair piece for one year now. While I have some regrowth other areas remain I bald. I have done two rounds in a hair loss clinic but could not continue due to the cost and due to the fact I am in Spain for a year studying. Could the laser comb help me? When I don't have alopecia I have long thick blonde hair and I had remained alopecia free for 9 years before this time. Its been devestating to have it again and the hair just doesn't seem to be coming back. I look forward to hearing your advice. I am 36 and female.
Our Answer:

Hello, the LaserComb is shown to not only treat hair loss, but to encourage new hair growth, with FDA clearance for use to treat androgenetic alopecia. The most recent study - on women - showed extraordinarily high success rates, with 100% of women experiencing hair regrowth by the 6 month mark.

You mention that you have previously had treatment at hair loss clinics - I'm assuming that these were somewhat successful, but that you stopped due to ongoing costs. Obviously, stopping any type of treatment will see the gains you make during treatment revert. The benefit of the LaserComb is that it is a one-off payment, with home treatments that you can continue with, without any additional costs.

In short, the LaserComb provides exceptional results, but you will need to use it regularly to maintain the hair regrowth that is seen with correct use. Many thanks

Question: Hi i had bad asthma as a kid so was on steroids for many years which caused my hair to be fine and i have bald patches and wide partings now nearing 30 and wondering if this hairmax would regrow my hair patches and partings at side? And thicken existing hair? Doc is wondering if I have thyroid probs or PCOS so would this work despite hormonal probs?

Your help is much apprecated
Our Answer:

Hi, it may well help your existing hair, yes. However, as for helping grown back hair previously lost this depends on 2 factors:
1) Has the inderlying problem been removed? Eg if it was steroids that caused it have you stopped taking these?
2) How long since you had hair growth? Basically, anything longer than 5 years will probably not see results with any hair loss treatment, including the lasercomb.

So, the hairmax can definitely help maintain or improve existing hair as long as the underlying cause is treated but if the underlying cause is a hormonal imbalance this needs addressing simultaneously otherwise the lasercomb (or any hair loss treatment) will always be fighting a losing battle.

Kind regards,

Question: Hi I am currently on medication for high blood pressure, of which some of the symptoms are loss of hair. Don't know whether it is a coincidence or not, but my hair which has never been thick, seems to have got thinner over this past year while taking the medication. Would I therefore be wasting my time trying this product if the medication will counteract against the comb, or will the comb help strengthen the stronger hair I have?
Our Answer:

Hi, it could certainly help yes. However, if the medication has hair loss as a known side effect I would consider asking your GP to switch you to a different medication that does not have this side effect. If the medication does not have hair loss as a listed side effect then it is more likely that your thinning hair is purely one of male pattern baldness and the HairMax LaserComb is certainly proven to help with that.
Kind regards,

Question: Hi

Just wanted to ask if this works on hair loss caused through hormonal changes, ie menopausal. I have noticed my hair has become much thinner in the last 2 years and it is causing me great anxiety, which, I realise can also increase hair loss.

Many thanks and kind regards
Our Answer:

Hello, hormaonla changes can dranatically affect hair health, and in extremes can cause hair loss. Hair thining is also quite common during the menopause. You are also right in suggesting anxiety can have a detrimental effect - it is a vicious circle! The good news is that the LaserComb helps promote healthier, thicker hair growth even when caused by hormonal factors. We have hundreds of women who have used the LaserComb for this exact reason, and have seen fuller, thicker hair after using it during the menopause.

We'd also suggest looking at your diet during this time - it is especially important that your body gets the nutrition it needs. I'd recommend the works of Dr Marilyn Glenville - especially this one - - which gives invaluable advice on healthy eating. Combined with the LaserComb, you should really notice an improvement in your condition. Many thanks

Question: I have an old Lexington Hairmax lasercomb that I bought some years ago (just after the FDA clearance). I'm interested in upgrading to the premium lux 9 model. Do you offer upgrade deals? Also, I live in Dublin, how long would it take to deliver here? Thanks
Our Answer:

Hello, I'm afraid that we do not offer upgrade deals on the LaserComb range. Delivery to Dublin normally take just a couple of days. Many thanks

Question: Hi,
I'd like to buy The Lux9,I live in Ireland/Dunlin,what would be the total cost including delivery?
do you operate in €prices also?

Maria Connaughton
Our Answer:

Hello, the price including shipping to Ireland is currently £350.50. We give an equivalent, estimated cost in Euros on our site - which would be around 445,97€, but please note that we are in the UK and can only charge in GB£. Euro pricing is for information only. Many thanks

Question: Hello

I have read some reviews about this comb which state that it needs to be used in conjunction with a lotion (the reviews don't specify what the lotion is - it appears that the instructions they received stated this). Is this the case please - do you need to use a lotion to ensure this product is effective? I am considering buying it but if I need to use minoxidil or some other lotion then there doesn't seem to be any point.

Kind regards
Our Answer:

Hi, absolutely not, no. There is no need for any lotion and the instructions don't stipulate that either. Some people will use a serum or lotion of some sort to try and improve the results but all the clinical trials and FDA approval for the HairMax LaserComb effectiveness at treating hair loss were based on people using nothing but the Laser Comb.
If you were interested in a lotion I personaly would not use a minoxidil based solution due to it's limited ability to encourage hair growth. There are other products out there better than minoxidil but the LaserComb does not need anything else for it to be effective.
If you have any questions at all about the Laser Comb please feel free to call us on 0800 612 6394.
Kind regards,

Question: Can you please advise if I can also use regain for women in conjunction with the laser comb.

Can you also advised what is the differenc between this laser comb and others on the Market, such as the Dhi Globals laser comb.

Many Thanks

Jade Thorpe
Our Answer:

Hi, yes you can use Regaine while using the LaserComb though you should ensure you have talked to your Dr or Pharmacist before purchasing any minoxidil product due to it's potential toxicity and the possible reaction your scalp may have. To be honest, it's effectiveness for women is the subject of much debate!

In regards to the LaserComb it is the ONLY product approved as a treatment for hair loss by the FDA in men and women and has been shown in clinical trials to increase the hair growth of men and women within a few months of regular use.

There is NO other laser based product on the market that can legally make these claims. Anyone who makes a claim that their laser device is FDA approved is actually breaking the law as the FDA give approval ONLY to the product itself, not the concept of LLLT (low level laser therapy).

There is only 1 original Laser Comb - and that's made by Lexington - of which we are the prime distributor in the UK.

We also offer up to 6 months money back guarantee too - no one else will offer this.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,


Question: Hi, A couple of Q's...

1) How does the 6 months money back guarantee work? What is the process as to me it seems like it's worth a go as long as it's a hassle free process.

2) Having had a short look around UK internet shops, you seem to be plugging this more. Have HairMax chosen you as official UK stockists?
Our Answer:

Hello - the 6 month money back guarantee is very simple, but take a look at the guarantee page for full details. In a nutshell, you need to use the LaserComb for at least 5 months to give the LaserComb a chance to work for you, you should contact us before the 6 month period expires if you wish to return it, and you get a full refund less only our original shipping cost to you.

Secondly, we are authorised resellers and distributors of the LaserComb, and we promote the LaserComb strongly as we know that it has shown such positive results! Many thanks

Question: My daughter (almost 18) has developed alopecia and has significant areas of baldness. This has been happening for about 4 months now, and doesn't appear to be stopping. I understand your products work on the scalp and hair follicles to rejuvenate the natural hair growth cycle, but will it be able to cause hair regrowth from bald patches? Thank you.
Our Answer:

Hello, yes, the LaserComb is designed not only to promote existing hair growth, but to treat hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. It has FDA clearance for use in treating androgenetic alopecia and promoting hair growth in females. Many thanks

Question: Is the Laser comb safe to use after having a hair transplant. Its been just over 1 year since the transplant and although it was a success I would like to maintain my native hair which appears to be thinning .
Our Answer:

Hello, yes, the LaserComb is perfectly safe to use after a hair transplant, and is actually extremely effective when used after transplant. We supply LaserCombs to many people who have undergone the treatment, and we normally only advise that they wait a couple of months after the treatement to begin using the LaserComb. Many thanks

Question: Hello. I purchased the Hairmax pro from you approx 2 years now and am very happy with it. However, in the last couple of months I have noticed that a couple of prongs from the comb have broken off. Is it possible to purchase a replacement please?
Our Answer:

Hello, I have sent replacement teeth to you today. Many thanks

Question: Hi. I have been researching the Hairmax. Several questions...
a) will it work on female hereditary hair loss?
b) it is safe to use on scalps which have moles?
c) is the only difference between the lasercombs the number of lasers and hence treatment time required?
Our Answer:

Hello, the LaserComb has recently been cleared by the US FDA for the treatment of hereditary hair loss in women - it has been cleared for years for men, but the latest clearance is very exciting. The LaserComb is safe to use and has no known side effects - many scalps have moles, and the LaserComb has CE certification for safety. And finally, yes - the number of Lasers is the main difference between the models, resulting in shorter treatment sessions. However, the Advanced 7 is the only one that is NOT rechargeable. Many thanks

Question: My hairmax has suddenly stopped working. I think this is due to the part that is connected to the adaptor,being chipped and possibly having a loose connection. Do you sell that part?
Our Answer:

Hello, we do sell replacement adaptors - the replacement can be bought here:

Question: I have a Hairmax Lux 9 but have managed to lose the power cord are you able to supply a replacement power cord? I still have the cradle so do not need that bit.
Hope you are able to help
Regards Chris Kelly
Our Answer:

Hi, we sell a replacement one here. The option to purchase the power supply is at the bottom of the page. It says it's the Advanced 7 Option Power Supply but it will work with the Lux 9 and Pro 12 too.

Question: Hi,
Tried to order the Hairmax Pro 12 earlier today but couldn't as it was my fiances card, is it possible to order after your opening hours, e.g. 7 or 8 in the evening putting through the credit cards details and adding to cart?
Our Answer:

Sure, no problem, our site will operate 24 hours a day so you can place your order via card whatever time you want. Your order will be processed first thing in the morning and then shipped out on an express delivery service.
Many thanks, Andrew

Question: Went for assessment last week with a 'clinic' that has started up locally. Am 64, male and have slightly thinning hair in centre-scalp. Was told that this early stage made me ideal for treatment, however I'd have to pay a fortune and attend at their establishment twice a week for a year. I'd far rather self-treat at my convenience, not theirs but can Hairmax complete with their energy from 171 650nm laser diodes under some sort of hood?
In addition I was told I'd have to use special and again expensive shampoos and conditioners supplied by them and take tablets! These bolt-ons sound dodgy - does Hairmax have a similar prescriptive product tie-in? It all sounds like snake oil/medicine show!
Our Answer:

I'm sure it was very expensive - sometimes I feel we should launch our own Hair loss clinic!
Right, firstly, the energy from the laser diodes - it's not really that important - what is important is that the correct frequencies are used and the HairMax LaserComb does this.
As for expensive shampoos and conditioners - well, we can sell you some if you wish! But, they are to compliment the laser treatment and not a treatment in themselves. Shampoos and conditioners are good if they are gentle and provide the hair with the nutrients it needs to provide the correct environment for healthy hair growth.

To be honest, the cheap shampoos you get in supermarkets etc ofter are quite coarse and not really great for thinning hair.

Personally, I would use specialist shampoo if I had thinning hair (and it's not cheap) but I would primarily use the HairMax LaserComb since it is FDA approved for stopping hair loss and growing hair in both men and women. It's a bargain compared to clinic therapy or surgery also.

If you wish to discuss this further please free free to reply to this email or call us on 0800 612 6394.
Kind regards,

Question: Our Laser Comb has stopped working. It is out of Warranty. What can I do please?
Our Answer:

I am very sorry to hear about that. If you purchased from us please contact us on 0800 612 6394 to see if we can help.
The LaserComb comes with a 2 year warranty so maybe you are still covered? Either way please get hold of us because if it is one of the older models the problem is usually the power unit and we can ofter replace FOC if you bought from us, or for a small charge to cover our costs if you didn't,
Thanks, Andrew

Question: iam in south sudan how will i get the laser comb.
Our Answer:

Hello, unfortunately we do not ship to south Sudan. Many thanks

Question: I am thinking of buying a comb, but have two questions, as I know nothing at all about laser treatments or about the FDA.

1) Is there a possibility of getting skin cancer?
2) Has this type of laser treatment been approved by any U.K. body and is the FDA as stringent in testing products as a U.K.?

Many thanks.
Our Answer:

Hello, both good questions, which we're happy to answer:

1. There is NO possibility of skin cancer. The LaserComb uses low level laser phototherapy, and in clinical studies and in general use since 2001, there has never been any report of serious adverse events occurring. Moreover, Lexington International, LLC. is a ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified company following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Certification to ISO standards assures customers that Lexington International operates a Quality Management System in accordance with the International Standards Organization.

2. FDA clearance is extremely difficult to get, and its stringency is attested by the Director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health at the FDA: "...under the congressionally established 510(k) process, the FDA often reviews laboratory and clinical data to substantiate the medical claims for a new device, based on the product’s nature and potential risk.
The data are then reviewed by experts within, and sometimes outside, the FDA. The 510(k) process is an important tool for ensuring that devices entering the market do not raise new questions regarding safety or effectiveness". The FDA is every bit as stringent as UK testing bodies, and the HairMax LaserComb is the ONLY laser comb device to have achieved this clearance.

Many thanks

Question: hello,
i had transpalnt surgery alng time ago and have scar on top of head and i am really thin on top will this product effect me or hurt me or make my situation any worse.?
Our Answer:

Hello, using the LaserComb on healed scars will not cause any damage or pain in any way - the low level laser therapy is perfectly safe to use on scar tissue, and will not make your situation any worse. Many thanks

Question: Ciao,
io gradisco comprare in internet la spazzola LaserComb Lux 9. Ma io non trovo questo acquisto New Edition Lux 9
Saving MASSIVE £46.00 off RRP

Puoi indicarmi dove effettuare l'acquisto?
Our Answer:

Hola, usted puede comprar este artículo directamente en este sitio web. Muchas gracias.

Question: Hi.

I would like to know if I have bought Hairmax lux 9, can my husband use it? Would there be any side effect?
Our Answer:

Absolutely fine and a great idea. It is FDA approved as an effective hair loss treatment for men and women and there is no difference in the use between men and women. The HairMax will work for both of you and you can share it (and the cost!). Kind regards,

Question: Would it be of any benefit to use the comb for periods longer than that stated, i.e. 8 or 11 minutes?
Our Answer:

Hello, no, the LaserComb should be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Treatment time has been carefully calculated to ensure the best possible results. Many thanks

Question: I am dying my hair black all the time. Will it cause any problems to the treatment? Will it still be as successful as with natural hair?
Our Answer:

Hello, using hair colourants will have no effect on the LaserComb treatment - the Laser therapy affects the scalp rather than your existing hair, promoting and stimulating new hair growth. Many thanks

Question: i have the classic areas of baldness on the sides at the top but i never acutally had any hair there just a [word removed by Peak Nutrition] hairline...! there are some hairs in the areas thou that are really short pale hairs. would this cause these to grow into actual hairs?
Our Answer:

Hello, the HairMax LaserComb is very effective both in thickening existing hairs and in encouraging new hair growth, so the very fine hairs that you see at the top of your head and at the hairline should become thicker and fuller as you use the LaserComb. Generally, users notice this during 3-6 months of use. Many thanks

Question: hi, i wanted to know what is the difference between the premium, advanced and pro and which one is better. i aslo wanted how many days will it take to get to kuwait
Thank you
Our Answer:

Hello, the Premium model is an old model, no longer available. The new models are the Advanced 7 - this has 7 lasers and runs either from replaceable AA batteries or directly from the mains - and the Lux 9 and Pro 12 models - both of which are rechargeable with a docking station and built-in lithium battery. The Lux 9 has 9 lasers and takes around 11 minutes per treatment session, and the Pro 12 has 12 lasers, taking around 8 minutes per session. Delivery to Kuwait from the UK takes around 10-15 days, depending on Kuwait post. Many thanks

Question: hello, I would like to know can the laser comb be used in children, because my daughter's hair follicles has been damaged from radio therapy she is 7 years old?
Our Answer:

The LaserComb is designed for adult use only - if you wanted to use the device on a child then we would advise you to seek specific medical advice before doing so. Many thanks

Question: My wife has a Hair Max SE Laser comb, the cord of which has frayed and is unsafe to use. Do you sell replacement cords? Or do we have to contact the States? If you do sell - what is the cost and delivery, please.

David Lakeman
Our Answer:

Hi, yes we do sell them to customers who did not purchase the original unit directly from us. I believe we have resolved this on the telephone now though? Kind regards, Andrew

Question: Hi!
I was just wondering does lux 9 comes with european plug or uk just wanted to find out if i have to buy the plug seprately as you are selling this on the website as well.
Our Answer:

Hello, if ordered for delivery in Europe (and outside of the UK) then we include the EU plug, and if ordered for delivery in the UK then we include the UK plug. Many thanks

Question: hi i am [name removed by peak nutrition] from united kingdom.i want to ask that is laser comb really works and after how long it show the results.i want to use this product.please tell me true about this.
Our Answer:

Hello, yes, the LaserComb really works - approval ratings are 90% for the LaserComb. Whilst individuals vary, we normally advise that you start to see results as early as 6-8 weeks after starting to use the unit - early signs are general improvements or activation of scalp hair occurring. These improvements should include a normalising of scalp condition, thicker and shinier hair. These improvements continue and after 3-6 months you should notice thicker, fuller hair. Many thanks

Question: HI,

I am living in SAUDI ARABIA and would like to know is it best to order from the UK or USA. Also there are so many different prices being offered, could you please confirm the exact price, and shipping price. Do I need a postal address here or will I be able to collect it from somewhere. Is there any chance someone could contact me asap.
Our Answer:

Hello Pauline,
We regularly ship to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world, and due to shipping costs and taxes it is better to order from us in the UK. At present, the cost of the LaserComb Lux 9 including shipping to Saudi Arabia is £320.83. We would need a delivery address to be able to dispatch it. Many thanks

Question: hi there, i just wanted to know that if i see my improvement in my hair, would that mean i have to keep on using the laser comb or can i stop using it when the improvement has been made so basically would your hair stay thick after if you stop using the laser comb.
Our Answer:

Hello, you will need to use the LaserComb on an ongoing basis - most pepople use it on a maintenance basis once they have acheievd the results they were after. The results you achieve with the LaserComb are best maintained by ongoing use, though the frequency of use may be reduced. Many thanks

Question: hey im 20 years of age and my hairline has receeded from the front i was just wondering if it will work as i dont actually have hair growth at the front and is really getting me dwn in self confidence i have tried tablets which are procerin which i have been taking for a month now and im lookng for diffeent ways to hekp it regrow please reply manu thanks shayne
Our Answer:

Hi, firstly Procerin is a good product and should help - make sure you give it time of course - at least 3 months but preferably 6 months. The HairMax LaserComb has FDA approval for hair growth and should soon get certification for helping stop hair loss too. So, yes - the HairMax LaserComb could well help. We have a 6 month money back guaratee too

Question: can I pay for the lasercomb monthly?
Our Answer:

Hi, I'm afraid we do not offer a monthly pay plan on the LaserComb. Many thanks

Question: Would the laser comb have any effect on the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows whilst treating the hair on your head? Im sure my eyebrows are growing faster! (this is after two weeks using the laser comb lux 9) Thanks
Our Answer:

Hello, the LaserComb won't have any direct effect on the growth of your eyelashes and eyebrows, as it is focussed on the scalp alone. Many thanks

Question: Can the comb be used with minoxodil for even more dramatic results? My husband has used minoxodil for some time and has been very pleased with the results but is still a little think in areas - just wonder if combining the two will really make the difference?
Our Answer:

Hello, the HairMax LaserComb does work extremely well when used with a product containing Minoxidil - it is in effect a two-pronged attack on both DHT and the promotion of new healthier thicker hair. So the LaserComb would help boost your husband's hair growth (and without any side effects, too!). Many thanks

Question: Can the lasercomb be used on tinted and bleached hair?
Our Answer:

Hello, yes the LaserComb can be used on tinted and bleached hair. The Lasers work on the scalp, rather than on the existing fully grown hair. Many thanks

Question: Hi I have several hair transplants...will the hairmax laser increase hair growth and thickness or will it have an adverse effect?
Our Answer:

Hello, the LaserComb is fine to be used with hair transplants and will have no adverse effect on them. It works by stimulating the natural hair growth cycle, so will have a beneficial effect on the scalp. Many thanks

Question: I am female aged 63 and have thinning hair on top, also I have psoriasis of the scalp, would a Lasercomb be safe for me to use?
Our Answer:

Hello, the LaserComb would be fine for you to use - if you are in any way concerned then we would suggest you check with your doctor who will be better able to advise on your specific psoriasis condition. Many thanks

Question: I have just puchased a HairMax LaserComb Premium (9 lasers) from ebay, which unfortunately did not come with instructions. Is it possible to get the instructions?
Our Answer:

Hello, this is one reason why we would always recommend that you buy directly from an authorised reseller - like us :¬) - rather than through eBay. ALL our LaserCombs come directly from the manufacturer, complete with instructions and, more importantly, the full manufacturer 18 month warranty (on Premium and Pro 12 models) which is supported by our peerless after-sales service. We also offer a 20 week money back guarantee on LaserComb purchases.
Lecture over, we'll see if we have a PDF of the instructions to send through to you by email. Many thanks

Question: I am a 20 year old female. I've had extremely fine hair all of my life. My hair is naturally weak and fine and I'm wondering if this product will help my hair to grow healthier, thicker and quicker. I dont necessarily suffer from hair loss or thinning.
Our Answer:

Hello, the LaserComb helps boost healthy and thick hair, so would be perfect for you to use if you have fine hair to promote a fuller head of hair. Many thanks

Question: what's the minimum age that it will work at?
Our Answer:

Hello, whilst there is no minimum age for the HairMax LaserComb to be effective at, we would recommend its use only by those aged 18 and over. Effectiveness has been proven across all age groups in clinical trials up to age 60. Many thanks

Question: hi - is there a difference in price between the 2 models of hairmax . and which one would be best?
Our Answer:

Hello, aside from the actual number of lasers per machine, the main difference between the Lux 9 and the Pro12 is in the length of time needed per treatment - this is reduced from around 11 minutes for the Lux 9 to 8 minutes for the Pro 12. Both are rechargeable with docking stations, and both have 18 month warranties. Many thanks

Question: I am a female from carribean background, I am in my 40's and have been using hair relaxers for years, now my hair has thinned and will not grow and I am besides myself with worry of going completely bald, does this product work on afro-carribean hair??
Our Answer:

Yes, the product can work with afro-caribbean hair. I would also suggest you use a hair food supplement such as Pilfood, Intervention or Nourkrin too along with a topically applied treatment/scalp lotion. This way you will be providing all the nutrition your hair follicles need to grow healthy hair. Couple that with the HairMax LaesrComb and you you have a 3-pronged approach to healthy hair. Kind regards

Question: Hi,

If I start using the lasercomb can I then stop without any problems? Will any gains I get from using the lasercomb reverse when I stop using it? Is it true that using lasercomb actually makes hairloss worse if you ever stop using it?

Our Answer:

Hi, you can stop without any problems - your hair health will not be made worse by stopping. However, the HAirMax is a growth stimulating device and therefore any improvements in your hair health may well be lost should you stop using the device. Hope this helps. Kind regards,

Question: Is it true that when first using the laser comb it can make the problem worse? If so why and how long for? many thanks
Our Answer:

Hello, the LaserComb will NOT make your hair loss problem worse - the LaserComb works by stimulating the hair's natural hair growth cycle, and this means that if your hair is in its natural shedding stage when you start using it, you may notice a slight increase in shedding during this stage, although not all people notice this. However, as the LaserComb stimulates the growing cycle, this stage passes quickly and is then followed by the active growth phase. Many thanks

Question: Hi;
I am 21 years
And I have a hereditary baldness .. Is it possible for a device Hairmax re-growth of my hair?
How much is the price of the device with connectivity to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
Our Answer:

Hello, the Hairmax LaserComb will help stimulate new hair growth and has been shown to significantly boost hair growth and health - however, it would help if you could give us a little more information on your current hair condition. We do ship to Saudi Arabia - the cost of shipping for the Lux 9 is £30. Many thanks

Question: Can you send the hairmax laser comb premium Lux 9 to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and how much would it cost? Its a present!!

Our Answer:

Hello, yes, we do ship to Brazil. The shipping cost of sending a Lux 9 to Brazil is £30.00. Many thanks

Question: Hi,
Want to buy a Hairmax Pro 12. Can I used it in Norway, power supply issue?
Our Answer:

Hello, yes you can - we supply the HairMax LaserComb with an EU charger when we send outside of the UK. Many thanks

Question: does the premium lux 9 device have 9 seperate diodes or just the one converted into 9 laser beams?
Our Answer:

All the LaserComb's use separate lasers and not one split with mirrors/prisms, no. Thanks

Question: Does this require any protective eyewear while using? If so, do you sell it?
Our Answer:

Hi, there is no need to wear protective eye wear. However, as per the manufacturers instructions you should not point the laser lights directly at the eyes and you should not look directly at the lasers. Many thanks

Question: I am diabetic. Is the LaserComb safe to use with this condition?
Our Answer:

Yes, it is fine to use with diabetes. This product should not affect your condition at all.

Question: Hi, this seems to run in the family, my brother is bald on top and my 3 sisters all have very thin hair on top and at the sides, mine is falling out at a considerable rate, I now have bald patches all over the top and sides and its very depressing. Drs say nothing can be done, its one of those things.... will this actually work for me and help the hair to regrow and the hair thats left, (not much) thicken and stop falling out?
Our Answer:

Hello, the HairMax LaserComb has received really positive reviews from users over the years - the satisfaction rate is something like 90%. You can view the reviews we have had - both good and bad! - on our website, but we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the LaserComb, both from men and women. Doctors unfortunately do often say nothing can be done about hairloss - thankfully this attitude is starting to change, and you can see Dr Chris Steele review the Lasercomb on our site, too. We offer a money back guarantee of UP TO 20 weeks, as we are so confident in the ability of the HairMax LaserComb to make a real difference to people's hair loss. So, it could certainly help with your hair loss and thicken ther remaining hair. Many thanks

Question: I had a hair transplant a few years ago, Althou I do have more hair now. I am still thin on the crown is the laser comb safe to use on my transplanted hair area
Our Answer:

Hi, it is perfectly safe to use a HairMax LaserComb on transplanted hair. The LaserComb has been shown to increase the energy levels in living cells, and, through increased blood flow to the capillaries, deliver more nutrients to the cells that create the hair shaft. Many thanks

Question: Hi, does this come with batteries? Thanks
Our Answer:

It comes with a lithium rechargeable battery built in, yes, along with a charging cradle and UK power supply. Kind regards

Question: I have 'Temporal Arteritis' (eg inflamation of the arterys in the head.)would the laser comb be ok to use with this medical condidtion.
Our Answer:

Yes, that would be fine. Thanks

Question: Hi, Is there any age limit on the effectiveness of this laser comb, and also you claim this product is new and improved. I
Our Answer:

Hi, there is no age limit but the FDA approval was for men with Norwood Scale upto IV. However, while the product is new and improved it's EFFECTIVENESS remains the same as the previous model - it uses the same laser strength/wavelength etc. What has improved is the usability and design as it now has a charging cradle and a rechargeable lithium battery along with other improvements. Many thanks

Question: Hi, What is the differnce between the Hairmax Premium and the Advanced 7. Thanks
Our Answer:

Hi, on the web page (link below) you can see there is a chart showing the differences between the Advanced 7 and the Lux 9 near the bottom. The Premium is just the same as the Lux 9 except for the fact that it has no charging cradle and requires a power cord to be used at all times during operation. Obviously the new Lux 9 has a new look but other than that the Premium gives the same results. Remember though we only have refurbished Premium units at the great price of £225 instead of their original new price of £330. Thanks

Question: Ive recently undergone hair surgery. Will the use of this comb aid in hair growth and increase hair volume? Also if using minoxidil and taking finesteride is it still safe and beneficial to use the laser comb?
Our Answer:

It is fine to use alongside Finasteride and Minoxidil products as far as we're aware and according to the manufacturers. However, without knowing what surgery exactly you've undergone I can't comment on how the LaserComb could help you. It has been approved in the US by the FDA for the treatment of male alopecia upto Norwood Scale IV though. Thanks

Question: How many sessions would I require per day for the 12 laser model?
Our Answer:

Hi, 1 session only 3 times per week is required for any of the HairMax LaserComb models. The only difference is the amount of time per session - for the Advanced 7 - allow around 15 minutes dropping down to around 8 minutes for the PRO 12. Thanks

Question: You mention trials on people of up to 60 years old. How about those over 70? Is the comb effective then?.
Our Answer:

The HairMax is effective for people with thinning hair but it all depends really on how severe your hair loss actually is. If you were to take a look at this page on our sister site could you tell us where you are on the Ludvig scale?
I would say anything upto III should be fine - anything worse than that on this scale, in a lady of your maturity, would probably not benefit from the LaserComb and would probably be better with our Thymuskin range of specialist treatments and shampoos. Kind regards

Question: when first using this product, do you lose more hair than you normally would? and does this initial hair loss re-grow? thanks
Our Answer:

Hi, everyone is different. Hair follicles go through 3 stages in their life-cycle: rest, shed and growth. Not all the hair follicles are obviously in the same stage at any one time (otherwise every few weeks we'd all lose our hair and then grow it back!). People with thinning hair/hair loss often have too many hairs "stuck" in the resting phase. The next stage is shedding so yes, there is some possibility that an increase in shedding will occur within a few weeks. However, this is temporary only and it will grow back. In fact, it should be seen as a positive and that the hair follicles have been kick started back into their usual life-cycle. Many thanks

Question: How eefective is this product at stopping hair loss. My 17 year old son may have started losing his hair due to male baldness, we arent certain though he has receeded a little. will this product stop him losing any more hair? Thanks
Our Answer:

Hi, this product has FDA approval for regrowing hair in men with upto Norwood Scale 4 hair loss. You son is unlikely to be this bad at this stage if he is just starting to receed. It is important to start a hair loss regimen as soon as possible. At 17 I would not want my son to be taking prescription medicine for something like hair loss so the HairMax, as a drug free, but proven alternative is a good choice. Remember, our money back guarantee if he does not se results in a few weeks too. Call us on 0800 612 6394 if you wish to discuss further. Kind regards

Question: Hi I bought a hairmax lazor comb and I am wondering how do I activate the 12-20 week money back guarantee
Our Answer:

Hi, you need to call us around week 10 or 11 and we make a note on your account. THis has to be by telephone as we always like to get a progress update. Thanks

Question: hi there,
i wana know that hard water really affects the hair n its colour. it tends to leave scum in your hair. will the laser beams still be effective n reachable to the folliclese. also u hav any shampoo for hard water which can work together with the laser comb.


Our Answer:

We don't sell shampoos specifically for hard water, no. The problem with hard water is mainly calcium deposits in the hair. Hard water can leave your hair feeling stiff and hard I believe, almost straw like. However, they are not harmful and using a clarifying shampoo should resolve this. Lush sell such a shampoo I believe. In fact, most places like Boots will have shampoos specifically for hard water.

However, onto your main question - no, hard water deposits will NOT effect the HairMax LaserComb in anyway. Thanks

Question: I am trying to purchase the Pro-12 Laser- Comb. I saw a price that was $390.00, But when I check out it jumped to $695.00. What is the correct price for United States?
Our Answer:

Hi, we are a UK company and therefore the price would have displayed 379 GBP. However, as soon as you changed your country to USA it would have calculated the USD price which is around $600 right now. With shipping that goes to around $650. You are probably better purchasing from a US supplier to be honest though we will ship to the US. Thanks

Question: Hi,
My mum is a diabetic, would she be able to use the laser comb?
Kind regards
Our Answer:

Oh definitely, it will have no bearing on that condition at all. Thanks

Question: Hi!
Can I buy lazer on monthly payments?
Thank you
Our Answer:

We don't currently offer this to be honest as this would be providing credit terms and would mean we have to be credit brokers. You can, if you wish, send in several cheques, or we can take multiple payments on your card over time but we could not send you the goods until you had paid for them in full. Sorry.

Question: I assume all 3 combs you sell can be used cable free?

Also, I'm hoping it can be used on very short hair (shaved to a grade 1) and even on areas of the scalp where folicles have recently become dormant?

Last question - can you shave your head whilst using the comb?
Our Answer:

All 3 LaserCombs we sell are cable free yes though you can plug directly into the wall and charge while you use. The amount of hair is irrelevant to be honest - as the treatment is actually on the hair follicles in the scalp so yes you can shave your head. The Advanced 7 does not come with a power cord and relies on batteries alone though you can purchase a wall plug if you wish separately. Thanks

Question: my hair is just starting to tin out on the crown of my head will the hair max lazor comb work on my hair and how long would it take approx ?
Our Answer:

Hi, there is every chance it will help yes, and it should take between 3 and 6 months to start to see results - this is why we offer a 12 week money back guarantee with an extension to 20 weeks if required. However, some people do take longer to see positive results - as long as 9 months. Many thanks

Question: 2 year warranty?
Our Answer:

That is correct - a 2 year manufacturers warrant on the Lux 9 and Pro, 18 months on the SE (or Advanced 7) as it's now called. Thanks

Question: As it has not cleared by the FDA for use by women, are there any possible side effects or problems that could be incurred.
Our Answer:

Hi, it's not that it's NOT cleared by the FDA for use by women. It's that the manufacturers first applied for use of the device with men. They are now carrying out the trials for use with women and first results are more than promising! There are NO side effects for use by women either. It's just that the manufacturers decided to apply for use with men before women. Kind regards

Question: About the lasercomb; Stated it lasts for life does that mean it can never go wrong or if it does there would be replacement?
Also, as a trichologist I see many people with hairloss would there be any price reductions available?
Our Answer:

No, we don't give a lifetime warranty. The Premium has a 2 year warranty and the SE has an 18 month warranty. As for price reductions please contact us for bulk orders. Thanks

Question: When should I start using the LaserComb? 
Our Answer:

If you are concerned about your hair, the earlier you start using the LaserComb the better off you will be. There's nothing more aging or detrimental to a person's appearance than thinning hair. And the later you try to do something about it, the less chance there is of reversing the problem. 

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HairMax LaserComb - Treat Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

The HairMax LaserComb - the breakthrough FDA cleared device to treat hair loss and promote hair growth in women and men. See the video below for further information!


Hair Max Laser Comb on TV's Doctors

TV's Doctors show talks to Craig Ziering, D.O. a respected hair restoration expert in the US about the HairMax LaserComb and how it's worked for his clients.

Instructional Video on How To Use HairMax LaserComb

This USA video shows you how to use your HairMax LaserComb including actual usage, cleaning and charging. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to use our live chat or visit our support centre.

HairMax LaserComb on Rachel Ray CBS

Rachel Ray looks at the HairMax LaserComb and other products for hair growth across the body. Please note we have edited this to remove the other products that relate to eyebrows etc otherwise the video was way too long for everyone!


HairMax LaserComb Video & Reviews

Dr Chris Steele Reviews The HairMax LaserComb


Here follows some recent audio testimonials taken over the phone.


Bob Wilson Talks About His Experience of the LaserComb


Female Using HairMax for 3 Years



57 Year Old Male


Scott's Personal Review

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What customers are saying...

"I have been using Hairmax for 10 weeks. My hair was falling BIG time and I felt so worried, especially as I am a young woman... but I thought it was fate, as both my nan and mum had thinning hair big time. After trying lots of different (and not cheap) products I read about Hairmax and thought I'd try. After all, I had already wasted quite a bit of money with other products and ...we're talking about my hair so I was gonna try!!! Although I was a little sceptical I am amazed at the great and prompt results it's shown. My hair is thicker and shiny + definitely growing back...even in areas were there hadn't been any hair for a bit (come on, don't laugh, I'm not talking about my back, nostrils or ches, I really mean my head here!!!). I am over the moon and, although using the products 3 times a week can be a bit annoying I think it's so worth it. Can't wait to see the long term effects!"

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