My TenRing

Having just watched the 2016 Rio Olympics and seeing so many British men and women win medals, I genuinely feel proud to be British. As a small nation, we have had a profound effect on the world, our language is probably the most spoken.

I remember many years ago meeting Rob. He was always so proud to be a British design engineer. He used to tell me stories of how his Granddad was a British engineer passionate about perfecting a design and using the best materials. I think Rob was both influenced by the nurture of his granddad; technical college and of course by the university courses he achieved. However, I do believe he had an element of nature in that he was born with an incredible ability to see/solve a problem and make something work. 

When he died, I spoke to his first employer who now lives in the USA. He described my husband as a genius who when given a problem wouldn’t just solve it he would go one step further and create something that really worked on another level.

When we decided to bring our own product to market, he applied the same resolve and determination to ensure he created the ‘Best’ support ring for men suffering Erectile Dysfunction and premature ejaculation in the world. He had designed for ‘Rolls Royce’, the elite car manufacturer and MYTENRING is THE ‘Rolls Royce’ of all support rings on the market. 

I am proud to say that MYTENRING is designed, produced and distributed in Great Britain.  


Content by Julie New

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