My TenRing

This week, I was enjoying a cuppa with a good friend of mine. She has known me for many years and was keen to hear how I was doing bringing MYTENRING back to market. I explained that it had taken a year of my time and energy and my main mission has been to focus on the solution NOT the problem.

The problem Rob and I identified was that there was a need for a quality; comfortable and durable support ring. At the beginning of the process I was blessed with the confidence that I had THE best product designed by a genius product designer who understood the problem: MYTENRING.

The challenge remained HOW did I focus on the solution and present the product in a non clinical way? I explained to my friend that the answer very recently came to me in 2 very unexpected ways!

The first was an order placed by a very beautiful friend of mine who was buying a support kit for her beloved husband. Since reaching 70 and developing type 2 Diabetes he had been having some E.D. She ordered it just before Valentine’s Day and I decided to gift wrap it for her.

The second experience was a personal one. I was lucky to be taken away to a beautiful hotel in the new forest for Valentines weekend and was shocked at my reaction as I walked into the bathroom. It was a clinical accessible room full of white plastic. It brought back lots of memories of how challenging our life was at times. Our wedding present from our best-man Bill in 2011 was a new bathroom in our home. It is completely safe; accessible and luxurious. Not one piece of white clinical plastic in sight. It can be done.

The epiphany came the next day on a walk in the New Forest.

I realised that by putting a beautiful deep purple satin bow around the MYTENRING box I was taking the clinical element away. I showed a picture of the box with the bow and my friend looked at me and said you have made it into a ‘present NOT and prescription’…

I had managed to take the clinical element away which was always my intention.

Who are you going to buy this gift for?

Content by Julie New

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