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Wellbox Lipo Massage

Wellbox Tissular Therapy is the only home-use method of truly stimulating a physiological change in skin. Reconditioning the spidermis, dermis and hypodermis layers, Wellbox produces more spectacular results than any topical treatment could ever do.

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Procerin XT Foam

Procerin XT Foam is a topically applied solution to help combat thinning hair. Works ideally with Procerin Tablets which is the number 1 healthy hair supplement in the USA.

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PelviTone by NeuroTrac (VAT Ex)

As seen on Channel 4's Embarrassing Illnesses - the PelviTone scored an impressive increase of over 60% in muscle strength in only 6 weeks of use! More than enough for most women to see a huge improvement in control.

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Cellfood Concentrate

Cellfood is a leading oxygen mineral supplement that delivers oxygen, minerals, enzymes and amino acids to every cell in the body.

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